View Full Version : PPRune..Its good to see u all again

19th Nov 2001, 02:20
After being away for some time..its sooooo good to see all those names again....GOD IVE MISSED YOU...BUT ITS GONE ALL POSH...just dont ask where ive been....!!!!! :)

19th Nov 2001, 02:40
Nice to see you......and we're not all posh....I'm terribly common. :D

19th Nov 2001, 16:57
Okay Hot2, I promise not to ask where you've been... :p

Oi, Techchick! I'll 'ave ya know I'm right bloodey posh I am ... an no mistake! :D

19th Nov 2001, 17:45
So ....... where've ya been Hot2? Hmmmm??


19th Nov 2001, 20:56
Funny how one can miss something as "unreal but oh so very real" as PPRuNe JetBlast eh? ;)

:D Hot2 welcome back! :D

Feeton Terrafirma
20th Nov 2001, 18:34
I've never missed PPRuNe!!

I guess you'd have to actually not visit daily to miss it eh? :rolleyes:

21st Nov 2001, 16:57
If you keep missing PPRuNe, my advice is to check your sights!!!!! :D :D

22nd Nov 2001, 06:35
feety never misses pprune but claims he is not a ppruneaholic :confused:

22nd Nov 2001, 12:36
ding... not that I'm trying to defend the indefensible :D but he simply can't be a PPRuNeaholic, coz I already grabbed the title! :p

24th Nov 2001, 13:35
Feeton, pprune hubbie,
dingducky...pprune baby.....
mummy wants to know what time you'll both be in for dinner!!!
:mad: ;)

24th Nov 2001, 14:06
whats for din dins mummy?

24th Nov 2001, 14:17
Nice fish fingers and mashed potato for you,
then Mummy will tuck you up in bed and read you a nice story about fluffy little chickens.
Then she will cook a nice steak for her and Daddy.
And maybe next year dingy will have a new baby brother to play with........... :p :p :p

Mummy Terrafirma

24th Nov 2001, 15:53
but mummy i am a vegetarian!
a good mummy should know that!!!

24th Nov 2001, 16:21
Shut up and drink yer gin!

Fagin, "Oliver!" (Film Dir. Richard Lester)

24th Nov 2001, 16:36
Mummy will remember that in future, Dingy.
Perhaps she will also feed you on liquidised brocoli........ :D