View Full Version : MacIntyre's Big Sting

30th Mar 2004, 19:17
Very satisfying TV tonight (call me sick if you like)

"Documentary in which investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre, with the help of the West Yorkshire Police Force, sets up a hoax gameshow in order to lure wanted criminals into the hands of the law."

The look on their not-so-sweet innocent faces when they realised they had been nicked.

Most astounding were 2 individuals who the police had had great difficulty tracking down after they jumped bail / didn't report for rehab etc. They were caught by the programme, sent to court, GIVEN BAIL, and yes, you've guessed it, they JUMPED BAIL AGAIN.

Although the criminals are scum, towards the end of the programme I couldn't help but think "Good luck to yer", because if the courts are so stupid to let them out on bail again, then you can't blame said criminals for making the most of it.

Jail the judges, that's what I say.


Boss Raptor
30th Mar 2004, 19:42
Brilliant program had me laughing all thru' it

Yes the courts releasing these idiots on bail who have a record of absconding...what can we say! :confused: