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30th Mar 2004, 18:37
Surprised to see no one posting regarding the arrest of 8 individuals and the finding of over half a ton of ammonium nitrate. The story is here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/3584009.stm). One of the suspects was found in a Holiday Inn near Gatwick Airport. Success of the operation due to the "...successful penetration or infiltration by the intelligence services of extremist Islamist circles." Brave folks that go undercover like that, I take my hat off to them.


30th Mar 2004, 19:06
Criminal and terrorist suspects have been getting arrested this way for a long time in these parts, Ozzy.

If found guilty, I just hope that they're treated like the common criminals they appear to be and are not afforded any kind of special status or treatment that could be seen as validating their "cause" or indicating that they are anything other than crooks planning mayhem.

You're quite right to pay tribute to the courage of the undercover operatives involved.

One assumes that these agents must themselves have been Moslems otherwise they could never have penetrated this gang of thugs to any useful extent.

I hope some of our other cousins from across the Pond note this fact and ponder upon it.

30th Mar 2004, 19:56
Of course, they could simply be innocent farmers out to fertilize the spuds.

30th Mar 2004, 20:21
Yes, and I could be Nelson Mandela...... :hmm:

31st Mar 2004, 01:02
Maybe they have a lot of spuds to fertilize. ;)

31st Mar 2004, 01:06
Heard some of them worked at various London airports.
I think I've met them....:mad:

31st Mar 2004, 04:13
Yeah, I've met a few spuds working at airports. Usually carry a clipboard or work in HR.:yuk:

31st Mar 2004, 07:14
As I mentioned before, England is statistically next, so not a big surprise. Great job by the anti-terrorism squad. It proves once again how utterly important coordinated intelligence is.

Boss Raptor
31st Mar 2004, 07:19
Again we are still waiting for at the very least a token condemnation by leaders of the British Muslim Community...they still seem very quiet after Madrid :*

tony draper
31st Mar 2004, 07:34
Apparently the Muslim Councill of Great Britain have just this morning asked the Muslim congregations not to tolerate Islamic fanatics in their midst,and have sent letters to all Immams(sp?)and Mosques to this effect.
Better late that never I suppose.
We still had a muslim talking head on newsnight bemoaning the fact that the Islamic population is being unfairly targeted by the powers that be,
Of course! that is it! the mistake we have been making, its so obvious, how could we have been such fools, seek Tong gang members among ginger haired Scotsmen not Chinamen, seek yardies gang members among clog wearing Lancastrians,not Jamaicans, seek out the Mafia among the flat capped Geordies not the Sicilians.
Just think of all the trouble we could have avoided in Ireland,fancy all that time wasted hunting for the IRA among the Irish.

Boss Raptor
31st Mar 2004, 08:06
About bloody time too..thank u TD :cool:

31st Mar 2004, 08:20

I concur that this was a great job, well done by the police and intelligence forces. Long may the continue to succeed in this manner.


When you talk about the Muslim community can I give you some advice. There is a phrase we quite like up here in legal circles in Scotland which I am not sure you have heard of. I thought I might let you know what it is and see if you might want to try it down your way. Just see how it feels and see if you might want to adopt it. The phrase is “Innocent until proven guilty”. See how you get on with that.

To my knowledge we use it up here in conjunction with not stopping people based on skin colour and not holding everyone who follows an individual religion as being responsible for the actions of anyone else who also claims to be a follower of that religion. It is this last one that allows us to separate ourselves from Hitler, the IRA and the Old Firm fans.



Boss Raptor
31st Mar 2004, 08:39
Awaiting formal condemnation from British Muslim leaders for events that have been carried out by apparent Muslim extremists worldwide over say the past 18 months has nothing to do with 'innocent until proven guilty' in an individual ongoing case - Muslims I know and work with have been both concerned and embarrassed at their leaders lack of public condemnation to distance British Muslims from these events/crimes as we covered in great depth on the Madrid bombings thread - the lack of condemnation leading to the very racist outbreaks/outbursts we wish to avoid but which can be carried out by the less enlightened (of both sides) in our multicultural society

31st Mar 2004, 11:07
I think a more public and vociferous condemnation than a letter to UK mosques would be more effective from a PR point of view for the Muslim community. But the letter is a welcome start


31st Mar 2004, 12:39

If you guys have speakers on your PCs take a look at the BBC website. Go to Radio Scotland and look up Lesley Riddoch show for today. In the last half hour they dealt with this very issue. Even though this is a regional radio show it deals with major issues in a very professional manner. This show is on every week day from 12:00 to 14:00GMT( or BST when applicable ).



simon brown
31st Mar 2004, 18:46
Based on the fact that I cant think of any Muslem/middle eastern farmers in this country, how are their briefs going to explain half a ton of fertiliser mix? Starting a Garden centre as an excuse will not wash with the British public, but i'm sure their brief will come up with some excuse like theyve all got large gardens and like growing roses...

tony draper
31st Mar 2004, 19:25
Apparently its not that difficult to render Ammonium Nitrate useless as a explosive, something to do with grain size, of course thats way to simple a solution for the powers that be.
One notes that the channel four news made a point of explaining how a fertalizer bomb is made and how to make one, just in case there was somebody out there who didn't already know, how did this country end up with so many feckwits in the news media.
Stupid bubble brained **** bastards.


31st Mar 2004, 19:48
Oh, come on Mr D!!

The Electrical Internet is full of sites that contain that very information, and worse........

DIY nukes, anyone????? :ooh:

31st Mar 2004, 20:00
I think that one reason for the Brits, or rather the English, to be a bit philosophical about it is that we've been through all of this with the IRA for the last 35 years or so. Innocent civilian targets, sleepers sent to settle here and live banal lives until activated, all still happening. What we found was that they can't kill us all, or even a significant minority of us, and that in the end, the only answer will be talk and grubby compromise. Unfortunately it looks as if some fragments of militant Islam will need about 500 more years to come round to the same idea.