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Aileron Roll
30th Mar 2004, 17:03
After considerable red wine am still searching for the answer to this most important question.......

When you post a letter the country the letter departs from gets all the money from the stamp....

...when it arrives at its destination country is it delivered for free or does some of the stamp money get sent to them ?

Boss Raptor
30th Mar 2004, 17:16
I believe there is something called the International Postal Union or similar and the way the system works is like a clearing house - so each country gets something out of the pot for every letter, kilo etc. they handle...cant confirm it just what I've always been led to believe

Ok found it - Universal Postal Union, part of the UN www.upu.int - not clear exactly how it works but they do mention 'mail exchanges' which I read as contra between nations for mail delivery...oh here we are just found it 'UPU Clearing' http://www.upu.int/payment_compensation/en/index.html

Aileron Roll
31st Mar 2004, 04:32
Thank you Boss !

31st Mar 2004, 08:50
So, on a similar note, how do international telephone call charges get shared out?

Boss Raptor
31st Mar 2004, 08:58
Well funny enough there is a similar 'International Telecommunications Union' although in practical terms if you think about most calls these days are on overland cross border networks run by a particular multinational telecoms provider and/or direct sender-receiver bounced off a satellitewith no contact in between to charge for...at least that seems simpler to me

31st Mar 2004, 09:44
Perhaps incoming calls are free on the same principle as the one used by airports. Takeoffs are free and you can do as many as you like. You only have to pay for landings.

Boss Raptor
31st Mar 2004, 10:01
Except that could potentially be weighted in the favour of one of the parties dependent on the market I would think...let's take an example The Gambia, many Gambians etc. in the UK calling back to Gambia but no where near as many (I would think) calling (or having the facility to call) back to the UK...so if BT as sender (take off's) receives all the revenue they are doing much better than the Gambians who have to handle all those receive calls for free...and vice versa...if The Gambians as recipient (the landings) get the revenue etc. etc.