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17th Nov 2001, 22:13
Well, it's looking pretty gloomy up here in Scotland.

8/8 cloud cover, so not much chance to see anything here - but if you're anywhere with clear skies over the next 24 hours - particularly Aus/NZ or the Southern USA / South America - keep a good look out in the early hours. South Eastern skies after local midnight [NE I guess if you are downunda :) ]. Could be quite a good display this year.

Peak activity should be around 18:00 UTC on Sunday.

Be interested to hear what anyone manages to see.

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tony draper
17th Nov 2001, 22:44
Bugg*r it, socked in solid here,spent the last thirty years freezing my arse off sitting up till yon time hoping to see a decent meteor shower,its always spectacular elsewhere or the sky is invisible. never had any luck with meteors,
least I'v never been hit by one, Oh that would make it a meteorite, ;)
Just had a horrible thought ,hope theres not a dinosaur killer lurking among the gentle leonids. :eek:

18th Nov 2001, 01:08
Nothin to do then Drapes other than go down the pub.


That's how I missed the aurora last time.

Bugg*r - as you say - it

18th Nov 2001, 15:59
Planning to sleep on the roof tonight. Shouldn't be much cloud. Maybe I can do some more of that lateral thinking while lying there :D
Will report tomorrow if I see any.
Didn't see any last year, mind you that could have had something to do with the 3 bottles of wine I drunk while waiting


tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 16:22
Just been talking to some folks Stateside and Canada, they have had a pretty good show,
from what the'ye saying I don't think he maxima is as high as predicted,but hey they never are.
Envious as hell, all the years I been watching never seen a good shower. :rolleyes:

18th Nov 2001, 17:31
Had a storm go through here a couple of hours ago, I was hoping that it would drag the rest of those cloud thingies away as well, but it's still eight octas here in my little part of Godzone ... :(
Still a few hours to go, so fingers crossed ....

tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 18:23
Try proping your camera up with the shutter open Mr 18, you might catch a few trails,depends how much light pollution you go on how long you expose the film for, you will need a wide angle lens.
Waste of time doing anything like that around here now.
People reporting lots of different colours, wonder if thats caused by traces of elements in the dust itself, ie copper causing green streaks, or if it some influence of the aurora on the plasa trails.?
Might be worth having a look around your garden Bill, those puppies are worth a lot of cash,decent ones can go for half a mil. ;)

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18th Nov 2001, 21:53
When I was just a little kid - maybe five years old - we'd been to visit my grandparents and it was quite late at night. On the way home, my father pulled the car off the road because he said there was something strange going on...

Meteors were coming down in vast numbers - sometimes there were up to a dozen at a time. Even at that age I could tell that something remarkable was happening.

The date was 17th November 1966

Well, later on I found out that this happens only every 33 years - we had a reasonable show in 1999 and expected a good peak this year but its been p*ssing down here all day. :( :(

Still a few hours left, so good luck to any of you with a clear sky tonight...

Oh well, only another 33 years to wait :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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18th Nov 2001, 23:22
Severe clear night here (bit of a miracle in itself). Watched for about 45 minutes before Morpheus won out. Counted 88 in that time and that was just looking in 1 direction (S-SE) as it was too parky to go outside.
Damn, those things are fast. Or maybe it's us that's fast.
Good show though :)

tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 23:56
Hmmm, some of us ain't got 33 years to spare Mr G.
With Draper's luck with meteors,He might just catch a glimpse of the next Dinosaur killer as it streaks overhead to land on the other side of the earth, one hopes. :eek:

19th Nov 2001, 01:13
They were fantastic, well worth the early morning alarm!
We had early evening storms, then all cleared just in time.

19th Nov 2001, 02:56
Almost full cloud cover where I am ... :( :(
Ah well, I still get to see a few at 35,000 at night from time to time. ;)

19th Nov 2001, 04:59
Thunder, lightning, clouds, rain ... and no meteors. Sigh. :p

19th Nov 2001, 05:29
Too cloudy to see the shower here in Borneo but for those who missed it here's a picture of a really good, bright and shiny Meteor...

You can see it at Cosford any time of the year, clear or cloudy.

Just thought you'd all like to know that.

Being professional aviators and all...

Through 8/8ths cloud cover to the stars

John Eacott
19th Nov 2001, 05:31
50km north of Melbourne, we had scuddy 6/8's cover, but there were enough holes to make it worthwhile. Almost nothing on the northern horizon, as per all advice, but spectacular stuff streaking overhead and into the south. One finished up with an explosion as bright as a bolt of lightning, but nowhere near the frequency of meteorites that the press hyped it to be.

Worthwhile, nonetheless.

19th Nov 2001, 10:57
Bol**x Would you believe it. Not a cloud in the sky for the last 9 months and then tonight, total cloud cover.
I laid on the roof with best girl and quantity of wine for about 3 hours until the cold drove us inside and what did we see. Sod all. I think it's a scam.