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17th Nov 2001, 23:01
Well, I woke up this morning....

.... and I found my Pprune screen gone blue, man

Anyone else going cross eyed with the new colour scheme ?

17th Nov 2001, 23:26
Oh, YES!!!!!!!!!!!

18th Nov 2001, 00:13
Don't like it. Sorry, Danny! ;)

You can't tell the difference between threads you've read and ones you haven't. :(

18th Nov 2001, 00:31
Yeah, blue on grey is a definite no-no. The eye of the Tiger just can't cope.
86 it please.

18th Nov 2001, 09:03
Did Pprune Towers suddenly adopt United Airlines (blue & gray)? :eek: If in need of a new color scheme how about blue, red and aluminum??? :D :D

Strongly agree with Huggie, can't tell what threads you have already read. You know, memory is the second thing that goes with "advancing years".

dAAvid -

18th Nov 2001, 13:03
Ah good. I thought it was just something wrong with my computer.

Please return the old colour scheme. I promise I'll think about purchasing a personalised title if it'll help!!!

18th Nov 2001, 13:30
If the changed colour scheme has had anything to do with the increased speed I'm seeing here, I vote to keep it like this! Yeah, I've had to go thru and recheck all the forums and threads I've been following, but even THAT took very little time for me, in this part of the world!

I don't actually care what the colour scheme is, if it improves server response times. Time will tell the truth or fallacy of this assumption, of course... :eek:

Feeton Terrafirma
18th Nov 2001, 13:55
Oz mate, you actually follow threads? Maybe thats where I've been going wrong all these years. :confused:

As for the new colours scheme :eek:

I think I need some :cool: new glasses

18th Nov 2001, 14:11
Cant see why youre all moaning.
must be getting old.

Leave Danny alone, he's gorgeous. ;) ;) ;)

18th Nov 2001, 14:34
This new stuff appears almost pink on meh screen.

(Is that not your favorite color Mr. Draper?)


1 vote for the old color job.

tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 15:03
Get yourself a 20 inch Mitsubishi Diamond Pro Mr Tower, everything looks peachy on mine.
Besides its more or less the same colour I have my desktop.
Greatminds think alike.
PS, I can also output my graphics to a 32 inch wide screen Sony Wega, but thats a bit to far away for Draper to read the little writing now, great for Duke Nukem though.

Gash Handlin
18th Nov 2001, 17:47
:D you never cease to amaze me Mr D.

18th Nov 2001, 20:31
Aye Mrt. Draper, in this case yours is indeed bigger than mine.

I got a 17" Sony Trinitron. Very happy with the machine, but in general try to avoid anything Japanese.

Peachy? Well perhaps so.

Any word from The Danny about this change in

tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 21:25
I would agree with you Mr T but it is difficult to avoid Japanese goods in the consumer electronics world,we stopped making stuff here years ago,
Hell they're ony letting us make the ash trays and the nob for the windscreen wiper for the Eurofighter here, so we have to buy foreign stuff now. ;)

18th Nov 2001, 21:44
I love the new speed and...the grey/grey/black/white site is FINE with me!!

18th Nov 2001, 21:49
I hear Danny got seriously ill last Sunday so perhaps that explains the new muted colour scheme... :eek: :D

18th Nov 2001, 21:52
It has just occurred to me that...I suspect the colours we are seeing on PPRuNe now are dependent on the windows settings we have established for frames etc ....via Start - Settings - Control Panel - Display - Appearance


tony draper
18th Nov 2001, 21:59
You could be right it looks exactly the same as my desk top,I am running win2k, the display setting says appearance windows standard,not sure if thats true, that used to be that horrible deep blue colour.
Unless its different on 2k.
PPrune looks just fine to me, and it does seem to be running faster. :)

19th Nov 2001, 01:58
Nahhhh - it's nothing like my windows settings. Anyway, if you check the source code for the page, the colours are in there...

<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" topmargin="0" bottommargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" text="#003366" link="#336699" vlink="#000066" alink = "#006699" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" >

19th Nov 2001, 02:45
What's in a colour? :D

Ok so it's disconcertingly similar to the comp website and I never did like navy blue, but what does it matter?
Not one iota as far as I'm concerned.
To paraphrase Conrad Hilton:
Speed, Speed, Speed ;)

.........seems to remember once seeing an ancient pprune page in pink & purple.............what a glorious sight it was..............and how the masses would howl if same were instituted now......... :cool:

19th Nov 2001, 03:38
Ah, but the connection between the colour and the new speed is simple!

If you travel at great speed, light from sources in front of you is displaced toward the blue end of the spectrum, whereas light behind you is displaced toward the red.

Therefore, what we see are the original colours!!! - only displaced toward the blue end of the spectrum! - and no, Drapers contribution to the UK / Japan trade deficit has nothing to do with it...

...unless it uses 100 Hz linescan - in that case, Drapers blue would be lighter than mine... :cool:

At some time, Danny will get this site up to such speed that most of the light off our screens when on-line will be in the UV spectrum - and PPRuNers could get a sunburn while writing technically corrrect but utterly incomprehensible messages like this! :D

Consider my a enthropy catalyst - I'll live!

tony draper
19th Nov 2001, 03:48
Wait until those tachyon drive plasma monitor tubes come out, you will be able to read tonight what you will be posting next week. ;)

Cause and effect ain't no such thing.

PS, A facinating particle is yer Tachyon, Draper better tell you lot about them before some chap with letters after his name jumps in and confuses you utterly.
Yer tachyon is strange because it travels faster than light and backwards in time, in fact it cannot travel slower than light,because then its mass would become infinite.
So a tachyon detection experiment goes like this,
Go to your Tachyon Detector, you count the number of Tachyon events it has detected at a particular time, say twenty tachyons, you then do some calculation on energy, spin and stuff,and you work out that these puppies came from ten days in the future at exactly ten AM.
Ten days later you go to your Tachyon emmiter, and at exactly ten oclock you fire off twenty Tachyons, not one more nor one less, for these are the beasts you will detect ten days in the past.
See physics is far more facinating than philosophy or religion.
Of course this begs the obvious question, surely Draper doesn't have to tell you what that is.

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19th Nov 2001, 04:01
I knew you'd write that... :p

Anyhow, the constant growth of users will limit our acceleration, but also increase our mass...

...therefore, the more we grow and the faster we go, the more our mass will increase. At some point, PPRuNe may even become the first man-made black hole!

Geee - waddya think Danny will charge for one of those??? :eek:

Black hole : things that go in never come out again...


Never mind, we are there already!

And now, I will kick quantum physics b*tt and come out of here and into my bed - g'night everyone!

And now somebody please beam up my clothes!

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Capt PPRuNe
19th Nov 2001, 04:02
I am writing this today, December 15th 2001, because the silent majority have told me that they prefer the new colour scheme and any complaints are useless as they have no chance of catching up with this new colour/spectral/time continuum/warp thingie that the more educated amongst you keep harping on about. :rolleyes:

As for the rest of you... put yer sunglasses on! :cool: This is here to stay!

Wait until the new Strontium powered version of the software is introduced in the next week! A health warning has been ordered to be diplayed by the Health & Safety Executive. :eek:

19th Nov 2001, 04:06
Danny, god damn ya'!

- I cannot see and have 6th degree sunburn all over my upper body!

What was that you once wrote about staying out of court :D

...damn, he's got a 3 week leed...
...will take one mean laywer to catch him!

Draper - you use of the edit function will be distorting the time-space continuum and makes my clock run backward - stop doing that! :D

[ 18 November 2001: Message edited by: Ivan the Horrible ]

tony draper
19th Nov 2001, 04:21
It does seem the mass of prune is increasing expothingily,no wonder the rest of cyber space is getting quiet,they are all here.
somehow some of them are invisible.
Bet you anything you like our resident MI5 spook is in that catagary
sometimes Draper has to surf for hours now in order to find someone to talk to. ;)

19th Nov 2001, 04:27
...would those invisibles in some way be connected to the MDM (missing dark matter) -problem?

If they are made up of neutrinos, given that the neutrino is almost massless (I know, I know - bit controversial statement :rolleyes: ), the number required to make up one plausible MI5 spook :D would be gigantic. Dare Draper draw the final conclusion regarding the curvature of the universe???

tony draper
19th Nov 2001, 05:12
Please Mr Ivan it is 1 am, Drapers mind is just a shadow of its fomer glory, you are speaking to one whose full interllectual powers have to be summoned up to recall his phone number now.
Tomorrow perhaps when one has has had ones boiled egg and soldiers, we will discuss the mysteries ot negativly curved space time, or indeed positivly curved. :(

20th Nov 2001, 01:59
Re. Danny, "December 15, 2001"

Damn, I've overslept again.

Or Mr. Draper's space time thingy got me, better call ops.


20th Nov 2001, 06:06
I like the idea of this space/time thingy - sleep in every morning, yet still make those 04:00 reports!

22nd Nov 2001, 13:06
OK - so now my links are randomised each time I log on - you know, the colours that tell you which threads you've visited and which you haven't ?

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Probably got draper's ghost in the machine.

Helpp !!!!!