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30th Mar 2004, 13:22
OK... now is the time to see if there are any real resources out there in PPRuNeland who can offer help and advice for my forthcoming marriage.

SO far, considering an aviation theme. Wedding to reception to be held at the old Speke Airport Terminal (now a Mariott hotel). The building is a Grade II listed building, recently restored and refurbished. The style is 1930's Art Deco. Some pics at: http://www.superbreak.com/home.cfm?Company=Admin&GroupID=5319&content=photogallery

I have very fond memories of the old airport terminal as I used to spend many days at a time playing truant from school on the viewing balcony, spotting for aircraft registrations and listening to the airband radio, dreaming of the day when I could join the hallowed ranks of the airline pilot fraternity. :ugh: The logic of missing out on basic education and attaining the necessary academic qualifications hadn't quite sunk in to my pre-pubescent brain unfortunately.

What I do remember though is the Cambrian Viscounts and BAC 1-11's, the Starways DC-3's, the big Britannia's, Handley Page Merchanmen, Shorts Belfasts, Dragon Rapides and countless other passenger aircraft coming and going on the old 27-09 and the smaller types using the 17-35 when conditions allowed. My first ever flight as a passenger on a Starways DC-3 to London and my first ever flight as a student pilot in a Cessna 150 taking off on runway 17.

The airport hotel is a great venue and I was thinking of maybe having the the airline theme 1930's style. The invitations could be in the style of airline tickets and the bridesmaids could wear stewardess style uniforms with lots of aviation paraphanaelia around.

So, anyone with ideas and better still, access to what we will need and the ability to help plan it, please post here. :O

Biggles Flies Undone
30th Mar 2004, 13:28
Danny, you need the boys from the 'Nostalgia' forum for this.... just make sure you call it a Vickers Merchantman :p

30th Mar 2004, 14:29
Perhaps the guests should be "checked in" on arrival by "airline staff" and directed to their seats which could be numbered (although I don't know about the classic airline seating arrangement :p) and the meal served on trays ... but not real airline food of course :yuk: Could you persuade your minister/celebrant to wear a captain's uniform? (Is an airline captain permitted to marry folk in the same manner as a sea captain?)

How about a "safety briefing" to welcome everyone?

Sounds like it's going to be heaps of fun. Good luck.

30th Mar 2004, 14:52
How about having a themed wedding cake, if you want a traditional one you can always have a second one in an aviationy theme, I'm sure there must be people over your way who specialise in this area. My brother had a second one for his wedding with a rugby theme.

Hotel looks fab BTW. Good luck :ok:


Boss Raptor
30th Mar 2004, 16:11
act out the final scene from Casablanca...

PS. employ Tony Draper as wedding planner - most excellent budgetary management...with a flair for the unusual...and BR for head of 'Logistics and Procurement'...positively racey with that clipboard...and the ladies :E

PPS. dont allow wimin to plan your budget/spend your money...they will plan to spend far too much :cool:

30th Mar 2004, 16:40
Danny my dear,
I thought you would never ask !

30th Mar 2004, 17:21
“So far, considering an aviation theme……..”
"A two-seater aircraft crashed in flames after being accidentally shot down by a wedding party in central Serbia on Sunday" (Reuters).

It is common practice in Serbia for partygoers to fire into the air. According to eyewitness reports, the plane was hit in the left wing. As it tried to land, it struck power lines and burst into flames. Officials say neither occupant had a pilot's license.

Just a superficial observation on the subject matter but perhaps avoid Serbia for the Nuptials.

Working on the positives……:ok:

30th Mar 2004, 18:06
However often or however insistantly you are asked for your opinion on something to do with the wedding arrangements, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER actually give YOUR opinion, always say something along the lines of 'whatever you think best dear', or 'if you like it, then I like it' or 'Im sure if you think it looks good then it will be great'.....geddit?

I speak from experience and would also add that however much you think it might cost....Double it.

A bit like owning an aeroplane really;)

Regards, and best of luck, SD..

30th Mar 2004, 19:28

30th Mar 2004, 19:33
Danny sounds like a wonderful plan and the venue is absolutely divine! and I mean that heheheh I have always adored 30s style and I think you could be on to a winner! Whoever you pick as your designer, may I also suggest you contact the makers of "Poirot" and/or check out who did its set and costume design also... I am sure Bermans and Nathan (costumiers) can give some great tips/hints! As for me? With my current stature I can only now aspire to be a buxom cook or a Lady Bracknell, alas, gone for me are the days of sylphlike air stewardess-dom! :ok:

Please do keep us proon-proles apprised of planning (no alliteration intended!)... I know its going to be one amazing "do"!!! :ok:

30th Mar 2004, 20:03

What about the stag do? I hope you going to advertise it in PPRUNE Bashes.

Best of luck


30th Mar 2004, 20:24
Now that is a cracking idea Jinks !!

Have to be careful who's invited though...imagine where Danny could end up if you invite the wrong people :E

Congrats by the way Danny! :ok:

30th Mar 2004, 20:31
Danny looks like your alter ego has arrived to dish out some advice. I think Marge should be invited & give a speech. It's about time she came out of the wardrobe or is that the cupboard :E


30th Mar 2004, 20:37
and I have a great wedding planner. Getting married there on July 25th. They arrange everything including Hair Stylists for the ladies, marriage license, flowers, white doves, music, preacher, videotaping etc....


30th Mar 2004, 21:03

The 2am train to Glasgow sounds like a great idea!! :E

30th Mar 2004, 21:16
Well thanks very much for the open invitation Danny, although I doubt if all 70,000 PPRuNers can make it I'm sure there will be a very good turn-out! Just be sure to arrange a very good bar and leave the rest to the wimmin folk:ok:

30th Mar 2004, 21:59
Dear Danny,

When you send my invite could you please make sure that the ceremony time is in GMT and NOT Proon time. That way I'll be reasonably sure of seeing the bride and groom in all their glory.

Whatever time you use just make sure that you both have a marvellously long and happy time together.

31st Mar 2004, 03:37
Congrats to you both!

flowers, white doves, music, preacher, videotaping etc....

NB. Although white doves are OK, please do not forget a vegetarian option.

Buster Hyman
31st Mar 2004, 03:54
You mean John Lennon International don't you? :rolleyes:

You're a brave man, asking for suggestions on Jet Blast, but here goes...

Now, this isn't an idea for the reception itself, but a good idea at least...I think.

I once saw some wedding photos where the happy couple had organised to get out onto the grass at MEB. They were lounged on the grass with a picnic hamper & the photo was taken at ground level. Framed beautifully in the background was the nose section & port engine of a DC-3. It was all done in black & white & looked absolutely magic. Ever since, I've regretted that I didn't have the foresight or imagination to come up with that idea.

Anyway, I hope it's a great day for you both & if all Prooners are invited, I might just send one of my local cousins (lads) in my place, if that's okay?:ok:

31st Mar 2004, 11:18

I'd be careful about letting Marge post too much advice here. At the rate she charges you mightened be able to afford any chairs for your wedding ;)


31st Mar 2004, 12:08
act out the final scene from Casablanca

You sure about that, Boss ?

"You'll regret it - not today, not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.":confused:

The Voice
31st Mar 2004, 12:15

onya bloke .. don't whatever you do let Ozexpat in the fact you're having a wedding sometime soon, he'll wanna come to yours too!

on a more serious note, congratulations! a nice little diversion from this ratty (at times) place!

I think that anything themed aviation and back in 'those' days is a wonderful idea and I am sure whatever/however/whoever happens to be involved it is going to be a magical event and worthy of lots and lots of pic links!

I'd offer my services but I somehow don't think an aussie shiela could do much better than one of local talent could .. :E

Boss Raptor
31st Mar 2004, 12:18
Congrats Stockpicker - u picked up on it :E

31st Mar 2004, 14:41
Redsnail and Checkboard are about to start planning their wedding; Pax Domina and Tinstaafl are in the middle of doing theirs; Oldboy and Star* tied the knot not so long ago...

I take it you're not going for the low-cost option, however tempting?

31st Mar 2004, 20:25
as someone going through this process (Oct.2 in Toronto but not at YTZ or YYZ :D ) let me impress upon Capt. PP and the rest of the men here that it's best to play to your strengths (tunes, cake, food) and not weaknesses (flowers, invites etc.)

obv. if you're a lad marrying another lad you can't offload so much (we marry everybody here), but as "Queer Eye" shows this may not be such a problem.

Cake is obviously better with samples than a catalogue which made it easy to pick our supplier and give the competitor the bumsrush.

Best of luck.