View Full Version : Alcohol - God's Gift, or the Devil's Drink?

30th Mar 2004, 10:36

What say you of alcohol? We all know it, some more intimately than others. Western Civilisation is awash in a sea of it. We're teethed with it, weaned on it, we grow up surrounded by it; we aspire to it, we celebrate it, we celebrate with it. It anchors and lubricates our society, levels social barriers, and for many of us, facilitates the rite of passage to adulthood. It maketh merry the hearts of men, it has the ability to banish care.

But at the same time....alcohol is a dark brew, seething with wickedness and illcontent; it turns men into monsters, destroys their good characters, breaks marriages, ruins lives, ends careers, blights children.

A numerical majority of PPRuNers - English speaking ones at least - are probably accompanied by C2H5OH as they browse and type.

I have a biased opinion; I make wine for a living. However, despite what Davaar may have inferred from a light-hearted comment in another thread, I'm not drunk all the time, nor do I have any desire to be.

What do we really think of alcohol?


30th Mar 2004, 11:01
"Promotes the desire but takes away the performance"


30th Mar 2004, 11:29
God's gift if used properly.

Therefore, a few pints of real ale savoured on a summer's eve or a nice bottle of red wine shared with a loved one = God's Gift.

Or, 15 pints of Stella tossed down your neck on a Friday night, followed by a kebab and a brawl over a taxi = The Devil's Drink.

Elwood Senese
30th Mar 2004, 11:36
"Here's to alcohol: the source of, and answer to, all of life's problems."

Homer Simpson

30th Mar 2004, 11:53
Depends on the person also. Some people become violent and aggressive whilst under the influence and some, like me, chill out and become more placid and relaxed. I'm sure we've all done stupid things under the influence, witness waking up next to a 300lb monster and an empty bank balance and thinking what the hell have I done?!, for myself it wouldn't matter a toss as I'm single and have little responsibilities but for a married man with a family and a mortgage it would certainly be a different ball game. I suppose it's both God's gift and the devils drink

30th Mar 2004, 12:28
Since both God and the Devil are but different aspects of the same thing, I guess it's both.

Depends how much you drink I suppose . . .

30th Mar 2004, 13:27
What's that t-shirt saying?

Alcohol - helping ugly people have sex.

Of course, well I have never needed it!

But a few reds definitely puts you in the mood. :ok:

Aileron Roll
30th Mar 2004, 13:38
If they invented it tomorrow it would be rated as a Class 1 drug..

cheers !!!!!!!

30th Mar 2004, 14:11
Like the rest of life, depends on how it is used/abused. To some one of lifes pleasures, to others a curse.
Now I just happen to have some magnificent Port which I have just opened, ta ta.

30th Mar 2004, 14:33
Agree with most of you, but definitely prefer the continental drinking patterns : see my recent thread on the subject (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=124028)
I have to admit that, although I really do appreciate C2H5OH in various aqueous mixtures, with or without CO2, I haven't been really drunk for years (nothing to be specially proud or ashamed of), and not a regular drinker either

Santé, prosit, skĺl, na zdravý, salud, le'chaim, cheers, etc.

30th Mar 2004, 14:49
And the Lord's first recorded miracle was turning the water into wine at the wedding at Canaa ...........;)

30th Mar 2004, 14:53
Strange, I do exactly the opposite of a Friday night!:ok:

Don with the Wind
30th Mar 2004, 15:43
Did you know that the Devil is only God when he's drunk?

30th Mar 2004, 16:12
I'm sure we've all done stupid things under the influence, witness waking up next to a 300lb monster and an empty bank balance

well that explains it :{

30th Mar 2004, 18:31
My friends, I had not intended to discuss this controversial subject at this particular time. However, I want you to know that I do not shun controversy.

On the contrary, I will take a stand on any issue at any time, regardless, of how fraught with controversy it might be.
You have asked me how I feel about whiskey. All right, here is how I feel about whiskey.

If when you say whiskey, you mean the devil's brew, the poison scourge, the bloody monster that defiles innocence, dethrones reason, destroys home, creates misery and poverty, yea, literally takes the bread from the mouths of little children; if you mean the evil drink that topples the Christian man and woman from the pinnacle of righteous, gracious living into the bottomless pit of degradation and despair and shame and helplessness and hopelessness -- then certainly I am against it.

But if, when you say whiskey, you mean the oil of conversation, the philosophic wine, the ale that is consumed when good fellows get together, that puts a song in their hearts and laughter on their lips and warm glow of contentment in their eyes; if you mean Christmas cheer; if you mean the stimulating drink that puts the spring in the old gentleman's step on a frosty, crispy morning; if you mean the drink which enables a man to magnify his joy and his happiness and to forget, if only for a little while, life's great tragedies and heartaches and sorrows; if you mean that drink the sale of which pours into our treasuries untold millions of dollars which are used to provide tender care for our little crippled children, our blind, our deaf, our pitiful aged and infirm, to build highways and hospitals and schools, then certainly I am for it.

This is my stand, and I will not compromise.

-Noah S. Sweat, Jr. Election Candidate. U.S. 1948

30th Mar 2004, 21:43
Yeah, the second one Matty :}

30th Mar 2004, 21:47
I like a drink. Sometimes I like more than one. Occasionally, in the right company I like to have one too many. Very occasionally two too many.

I am always slightly suspicious of teetotalers, I believe some of them are a little too wary of their own reactions and a little afraid of losing control. But of course that's only my opinion.

31st Mar 2004, 03:13
Well though one is slightly intoxicated at present I can heartily agree that alcohol must be a good thing if it's very mention provokes writing of the quality shown above.

"I have taken far more from alcohol than alcohol has ever taken from me."

Winston Churchill.