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26th Jun 2001, 04:55
Somewhere between '51 and '56 I lived in Oldham for a couple of years with my family. I am saddened that the current racist activities are going on there. One of my grand mothers lived on Wickentree Lane in Failsworth. She had a bomb shelter in the back garden(sic). It was a hard time and a loving time, struggling working class folks all around, working. All through the eyes of a child, of course. Time passes. The current activity there disresses me no end.

26th Jun 2001, 06:58
Ha! the wonders of our so called integated multicultural society.

Maybe there was some truth in Enoch Powell's "Rivers of blood" speech back in April 1968

26th Jun 2001, 08:10

26th Jun 2001, 11:59
Excuse me chaps, but I COME from Oldham. Born 1970 Boundary park hospital, moved south for better job sept '97.

Dont belive the hype!!....don't....don't....Dont belive the hype!!

Interesting how most of the aviators who post here are scathing about the crap put out by jurnos when an aircraft crashes, but are happy to swallow it whole when it's an issue like this.

Most of this IMHO is due to 'no work' situation in NW since the cotton mills closed down 20 yrs ago. The devil makes work........

Also, there is the small issue of drugs and the attendant turf wars.

Live long and Prosper.....

26th Jun 2001, 12:52
Agree about media intervention but the sad reality here is the "proof of the pudding" to quote an old saying. Oldham now Burnley where next.

To quote the man himself It was like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre It is all ways sad to utter the words "I told you so."

For more proof of what might be down the line take a walk around Dover.

A crumbling society that was once so proud. Cherish those childhood memories.

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I'd rather
26th Jun 2001, 13:08
Engineer, I can't quite work out what you're getting at. What do you think the cause of the violence is? And what is the solution?

Oh, why is society "crumbling"? In what way?

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26th Jun 2001, 13:37
To start with, be careful what you say here. The moderators are paranoid about anything which can be deemed to be slightly racist. Bans occur! Moderators seem to find this subject particularly close to heart.

Up until now racism wasn't allowed to exist in life, you were told specifically that it is banned. Anyone who is accused of being racist is torn apart by the media. If you tell people for long enough that racist thoughts are evil, soon hopefully they will stop thinking them.

This is the present policy on race. Brush it away under the carpet, and jump on anyone who dares to take a little look. Unfortunately this policy is failing. These tensions which do exist and cannot be denied are no longer happy under the carpet. Racial tension is rising in area's to an extent, that people can no longer be told to 'not even notice what race someone is'. Preaching to society to 'think only correct thoughts' and not to allow oneself to hold any negative feelings is failing. Soon the issue will have to be publicly examined, and policies will need to be created to somehow handle a situation, and smooth over these tensions. As I said earlier, these tensions have been shown in public(which will escalate them further) and society can no longer pretend they don't exist.

Look at Northern Ireland for an example, the Shankill Road area. There is continued and massive violence between two communities that live yards apart. They are also very similar, white Irish, speak the same language, have had the same upbringing in the same area. They are almost identical, yet they hate each other with a vengeance. The tensions are running higher and higher, and after nearly a century, there's no chance of the negative feelings just fading away. A clear policy for NI is needed, which makes both sides reasonably content. Sadly no one has yet come up with one.

Likewise in the UK, tensions are going to start running out of control. How long before the racist gangs start running protection rackets, routinely carrying guns and carrying out specific killings. Look at what hate has turned the IRA, UVF and others into. We must never let hate in this country get any worse than it is now.

This trouble needs to be nipped in the bud. People need to accept there's a problem, and work fast for a solution before it escalates further. Does Europe need another NI, Former Yugoslavia, Basque Region trouble zone?

Does the UK really want areas of our cities to turn into the worst trouble spots in Belfast. There have been too many extreme riots now for us to say that it cannot happen. Right now we have 'no go' areas and the police asking people to stay off the streets at night in certain areas.

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26th Jun 2001, 15:37
I'd rather
Cause "inability to accept cultural differences"
Solution "to late"

I'd rather
26th Jun 2001, 20:39
I think it's more complicated than that. People who are dissatisfied with their lot look for a scapegoat because it is easier to focus on that than on their own behaviour or to take responsibility for what they can do themselves to improve the situation. If something goes wrong, blame the person next to you. You find a convenient, distinguishing factor to identify those who are "to blame" (in this case, their race) and, hey presto, you have your scapegoat.

This is a natural human tendancy - we all do it, to some extent. This does NOT mean we should repatriate immigrants/refuse to help refugees, just because they may become a focus for unrest in society. There are 2 reasons for that - first, because it is immoral to disadvantage other people simply because we have a tendancy to blame them for our problems, and secondly because it won't solve the problem; we would simply find another scapegoat and another opportunity to vent our frustration.