View Full Version : Whistleblower's charter?

tony draper
30th Mar 2004, 06:27
Whatever happened to that? one seems to recall it was pushed as a big thing a few years ago,a means to root out wrong doing in government departments and to prevent those who blew the gaff from reprisal.
Watched that red headed bint squirming and wriggling like a skewered rat last night just saw a repeat of same performed by one of her minion this AM.
What is it about these blair babes ,they would show their arse in woolworths window rather that resign,or admit to a balls up, bit like their male colleques I suppose.
If we accept that all MP and are just lying scum, and when promoted to Ministerial office obliged to lie even more, all else falls into place.

Evening Star
30th Mar 2004, 12:30
Not a charter. As I understand it, it is now illegal to dismiss somebody for blowing a (legitimate) whistle. To take into account this law, most large companies now have proceedures for reporting maladministration, so in theory it is never necessary to blow the whistle in public. Therefore, if anybody does blow a whistle, clearly they are not following the company proceedure so it is possible to dismiss them for the not following proceedures. Neat trick huh? Compared with modern management, Machiavelli could not have organised any sort of party in a brewery.

Send Clowns
30th Mar 2004, 12:38
However it is OK for a British (failed) politician to just sack the whistle blower in Europe, and to suspend whistle blowers who might embarrass government ministers here, on disciplinary charges. Even if the whistle was blown internally and the leak was from an unknown third party.