View Full Version : John Farley's aerodynamics book!!!!

Dr Illitout
29th Mar 2004, 09:59
Hear's a claim to fame for you. Several years ago I was at a car boot sale in Farnborough and I picked up a book called "A complete course in elementary aerodynamics with experiments and examples". I took it home with me and looking inside I found that it was owned by the Royal Aircraft Establishment technical college 1955. One of the names on the page was one John. F. Farley!!!. Could it be the same man?!. If it is, the good news was that John does not owe thousands in library fines but if your name is Alan G White avoid Farnborough Tech at all costs!!! :D

John Farley
29th Mar 2004, 16:31
Good Lord. I wondered why I could not find it the other day when somebody asked me what happened if you pulled the stick back. (There comes a time in life when to rely on memory alone is a high risk strategy)


Dr Illitout
30th Mar 2004, 20:04
Like all books on aerodynamics,John it was not very well thumbed!. If somebody could talk me through how to post pictures I will post scanned images of the cover and your signature!
Rgds Dr I