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The Nr Fairy
23rd Jun 2001, 15:46
From yesterday's Times :

'Fast worker' boast of Viagra rival

A RIVAL to Viagra, said to work three times faster, will bring back the sponteneity of love-making to impotent men, its makers claimed at its launch yesterday.
Uprima is said to become effective in less than 20 minutes and its impact is unaffected by a romantic three-course meal. The tiny red tablet is dissolved under the tongue and taken by the bloodstream to the brain, where it stimulates the central nervous system.

Viagra is swallowed and causes muscles in the penis to swell with blood. One of the biggest complaints from users is that it can take two hours to act after a big meal. As with Viagra, Uprima is likely to work for about half of all men suffering from dysfunction.

At the launch of Uprima in London yesterday Professor Jeremy Heaton, of Queen’s University, Ontario, said: “Uprima offers several benefits for patients — it works fast and it works similarly to the way men normally have erections. It works on the central nervous system and enhances the natural signalling process by which dopamine acts through these pathways, tipping the balance in favour of an erection.” Uprima has run into controversy in the United States, where it has yet to be launched, after being linked to fainting and low blood pressure. Uprima’s manufacturers said that fainting affected four out of 5,000 patients in the American trial and would occur in fewer than 1 per cent of users.

Abbott Laboratories Ltd, an American firm that employs 3,000 people in the UK, said that the drug was expected to cost about 30 for four tablets. It is likely to be resubmitted to the US Food and Drug Administration this year.


My question - where do they measure the blood pressure to know that Uprima lowers it ? I thought that ran counter to the whole principle of the drug . . .

23rd Jun 2001, 19:45
I suppose the low blood pressure and fainting problem is quite understandable.

"Brain to D!ck, Oi! come back 'ere with all the blood!"

"No, this is fun!"

"Right, closing down all systems!"

23rd Jun 2001, 19:53
My impression was that the fainting and low blood pressure effect related to the women who witness the reaction of Uprima. Something to to do with bulging eyes as well.

Sorry have no personal proof of this yet

:) :) :)

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24th Jun 2001, 05:52
They got a new one over here for the ladies, called Niagara. Apparently it goes straight to the G-spot. :)

24th Jun 2001, 13:08
30 quid for 4 tablets, just so's I can be in that 1% that faint before scoring?? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif Fuhk thaaaat! :)

Dispela olgeta samting i pekpek bilong bulmakau!

26th Jun 2001, 01:26
For the most unfortunate among us, why not using Viazac ?

It's a mix between Viagra and Prozac: it won't give you a hard on, but at least you don't give a sh!t anymore !

26th Jun 2001, 01:33
Don't know if it's been mentioned elsewhere on JB, but did you see in the papers over the weekend that giving Viagara to racing greyhounds has been banned, apparently it can give them an extra yard :)

gravity victim
26th Jun 2001, 14:53
A useful tip I picked up recently
for the more elderly Ppruners:

Take a quarter of a Viagra tablet every morning: it's not quite enough to give you an erection , but it will help you stop peeing on your shoes! ;)

The Nr Fairy
26th Jun 2001, 15:57
I'd heard they give Viagra to older patients in hospital. Stops them rolling out of bed at night, apparently.

27th Jun 2001, 02:46
These drugs are dangerous.

If you need two tablets you MUST wear gloves. Some poor blokes have poked their own eyes out trying to take the second, as the drug was absorbed through the skin of their index finger...