View Full Version : Good News (at last!!) - Beer Helps Fight Against Cancer!!

The Guvnor
25th Sep 2001, 07:05
Beer helps cancer fight

Monday 24 September 2001

Scientists in Japan have discovered that beer can help fight off cancer, Jiji Press news agency reported.

Researchers at Okayama University, in western Japan, fed a cancer-causing chemical to genes of the salmonella bacteria, which usually leads the genes to mutate as the first stage of cancer.

The team freeze-dried beer to separate ingredients and gave each of them to
the salmonella genes, finding that at least six prevented the genes mutating.

The research team is trying to identify all six substances and launch more experiments using human cells.


Bally Heck
25th Sep 2001, 07:13
Guv. It's quarter past three in the morning. Now I have an excuse. Do You?

Kermit 180
25th Sep 2001, 07:21
A balanced diet of beer and cigarettes when out celebrating is ok then! :D They should counter each other out. But then theres the risk of stroke from drinking beer :eek:
Oh well, all in moderation.

Kerms :D

The Guvnor
25th Sep 2001, 12:42
Bally Heck - sure I do; its at this sort of time that I get most work done. So much for those people who keep asking how I find time to do other things when I'm sepnding so much time PPRuNe-ing! :D :D :D