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22nd Jun 2001, 15:03
Some of you may have heard this one before...

This is how to get your porno name for an up and coming skin flick. You take the name of your first pet and your mothers maiden name and the two together and hey presto you are an instant porn star.

Mine is Crispy Johnson
Come to think of it that sounds quite painful.

Whoa there bigfella, whoa!

22nd Jun 2001, 15:40
Best pick those scabs Crispy :)

(Bounty Wildman)

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Stiff Lil' Fingers
22nd Jun 2001, 15:46
Mine is 'Flopsy Cheatham'. I think you'll all agree that with a porn name like that I don't think I'd secure too much work!


Hersham Boy
22nd Jun 2001, 16:22
Love this...

Siggy MacDonald

Think I can feel a PPRuNe alter-ego coming on ;)

the wizard of auz
22nd Jun 2001, 16:48
Hmmmm, I dunno about crockett blackwell.......its a shame too as I am sure I would be good at the job.

Kermit 180
22nd Jun 2001, 17:12
Well, what dya know - mine is MUFF SMALL

22nd Jun 2001, 18:54
Ha, ha.

Mine is Nookie Winters. ;)

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22nd Jun 2001, 19:10
How about 'Nibbles Trim'?!! :)

22nd Jun 2001, 19:26
Foo McCulloch?

better keep the day job I think

Say again, Approach....you want us to do what???

22nd Jun 2001, 19:31
well mine is sandy cropp

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Mac the Knife
22nd Jun 2001, 22:50
Max Bruce?

R.I.P. John Holmes

Tricky Woo
22nd Jun 2001, 23:12
Ok, this one again. My pets names come out as "Ram it hard sideways up your bum". We had a lot of pets. Goldfish, actually. That's not even rude, so I guess it doesn't work after all.


22nd Jun 2001, 23:16
Thumper Hodge...... I rest my case :)

Director of Donkeys and Vodka Mixing
eg[email protected]

23rd Jun 2001, 00:21
Caesar Moore
or Blacky Moore :)

reddo...feral animal!

23rd Jun 2001, 04:48
"Tripod Heaton"

(..had a three legged cat)

Bailed Out
23rd Jun 2001, 05:14
""D"for" Day, Kinda works I think.

23rd Jun 2001, 06:41
Tuna Turner

23rd Jun 2001, 10:30
Just call me King Zimmerman!


429 CJ
25th Jun 2001, 05:33
Rexx Lever .......... mmmmm, possibilities! :)

'Gravity' is just a myth that the earth sux.....anon.. (or was I just drunk again?)

Lurk R
26th Jun 2001, 17:29
Grimble Watt


26th Jun 2001, 18:08
Ginger Goode

sounds like Giligan and the skipper will be along shortly

Jed A1
26th Jun 2001, 18:54
I beleive this was originally used by an enterprising accounts clerk to extract bank account security information.

He already knew peoples addresses, bank account numbers and dates of birth. All he needed was mothers maiden name and a memorable name (sometimes peoples first pet).

I'm not suggesting this is going on here but be safe!

itchy kitchin
26th Jun 2001, 19:01
Badger Harvey

Most exiting this computer wizardry.