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With Wings
25th Mar 2004, 11:01
Thought this may be of interest. The 25 busiest airports in Africa for 2002/3.

1.Johannesburg 12.7 million pax
2.Cairo 8.4
3.Cape Town 5.0
4.Algiers 4.3
5.Casablanca 3.4
6.Lagos 3.3
7.Tunis 3.2
8.Nairobi 3.1
9.Hurghada 3.0
10.Sharm el Sheikh 2.9
11.Monastir 2.9
12.Durban 2.6
13.Mauritius 1.9
14.Luxor 1.8
15Jerba 1.8
16.Abuja 1.5
17.St Denis 1.5
18.Marrackech 1.3
19.Dakar 1.3
20.Addis Ababa 1.2
21.Agadir 0.9
22.Mombasa 0.9
23.Port Elizabeth 0.9
24.Libreville 0.8
25.Abidjan 0.8

Goldfish Jack
26th Mar 2004, 20:55
With all due respect, these figures are very interesing, but surely an airport revolves around the number of aircraft movements??

Therefore it would be interesting to see which airports are the busiest.

I would imagine it would be something like:

Luanda for starters

George Tower
27th Mar 2004, 17:06

As an ATCO do you have any figures in respect of Lansera, FACT and FAJS, for the number of a/c movements.

28th Mar 2004, 15:54
Some aircraft movements for SA airports:


For the year 2000-2001

For the year 2001-2002

Cape Town-
For the year 2000-2001

For the year 2001-2002

Various other SA airports are listed, but of no interest here. Couldn't find any info on Lanseria.

Goldfish. Airports are always graded according to pax figures, and not aircraft movements.

Edited to add a quote from the Business Day (http://www.bday.co.za/bday/content/direct/1,3523,1051141-6132-0,00.html)
Since the mid-'90s Lanseria International has handled more than 70000 flights a year. It receives regular scheduled passenger commuter flights diverted from Johannesburg International when that airport is closed due to bad weather.

29th Mar 2004, 12:03
The passenger numbers in the original post are interesting. The biggest growth potential is probably at Lagos, where the Nigerian government serverely restrict the traffic rights given to foreign airlines, even in the absence of a credible national carrier of their own. Lagos airport, which has a good terminal, could be the hub of West Africa, but shows little sign of becoming one while huge fees are required from anyone seeking additional rights. A sadly wasted opportunity in a country which , thanks to oil, is hardly lacking in foreign exchange.

Capt. Manuvar
29th Mar 2004, 13:21
Goldfish jack,
You're right about wilson. There last time i check a few yeaers back Wilson was No.2 in africa in terms of a/c movt.
Capt. M

29th Mar 2004, 17:23
A sadly wasted opportunity in a country which , thanks to oil, is hardly lacking in foreign exchange.

Do you know of an opportunity in that country not being wasted?

29th Mar 2004, 17:43
Well said! :ok:

Tsamaya sentle

Radar Pete
31st Mar 2004, 18:25
For traffic movements FAJS and Cairo are definetely up their. I think FAJS pips Cairo though. Interesting point is that the FAJS - FACT route was the 11th busiest city to city pairing in the world a number of years back. Rumour has it that it is now in the top ten. This is unsubstantiated and would be interesting if any one knew more. The top 5 in SA about 3/4 years back was:


As far as general aviation goes, FALA is the busiest with Wilson being 2nd. Both still fall short of FAJS/Cairo.

I agree with Lagos having the most potential. It is ideally situated has a hub. Pity it has nothing else to offer. One only has to look at what Emirates Airlines and Dubai are doing to see what can be done.

Generally airport business is rated according to pax and/or cargo.

1st Apr 2004, 15:19
73% of all stats are made up!

82% off all stats are made up! Can the aircraft movements for JS really be dropping?

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