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24th Sep 2001, 18:30

A coleague of mine has been discussing what he should ask his wife to get him for Christmas. He's looking for a toy which is:


I think he's rejected the idea of a 110 remote control racing car - I suggested that he could drive it around the office, but he wasn't so sure. Then he looked at a remote controlled crane to move items around his desk, but the remote control was on a wire, it wasn't radio controlled, so it didn't fit into the "amazing" category.

So, anyone got any other ideas?


PS - No, this isn't for me - but I'm sure I'll be playing with it from time to time just the same!

24th Sep 2001, 19:28
FFF, I drool over these when asked what I want, but nobody's taken the hint yet!

I want one! (http://www.big-boys-toys.net/acatalog/index.html)

Bgger, the link's not specific enough, click on flying RC and there's a 'plane, an airship and a saucer!

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Dave Hedgehog
24th Sep 2001, 23:13

If your of that age, of course...

You want it when?
25th Sep 2001, 10:52
No problme FFF - go to www.firebox.com, (http://www.firebox.com,) drunk in charge of a credit card is not a crime, but it should be! :D :D