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24th Sep 2001, 12:28
For all you addicts out there, the place has been re-decorated and re-opened, looking very pretty. :D

24th Sep 2001, 13:44
Thank the Lord Danny for that!

(now watch Old_Cross_Bore get stuck into me for the above!)

24th Sep 2001, 15:11
CM not to worry, The Bore was banned by our Great helmsman a while ago. :D

Just visited chat, nice and busy with people from the 4 corners. Goooooooooooood!

24th Sep 2001, 20:15
Yep, flaps, thank goodness it's back. I was beginning to worry over whether or not I would be able to get a fix in time to gather the energy to drive to the airport for my return journey :D

24th Sep 2001, 22:11
Jeeeez - it's bleedin' gone again (241015 Vancouver time).

:mad: :mad: :confused:

Capt PPRuNe
24th Sep 2001, 22:21
No it hasn't Wholi... get a proper ISP instead.

24th Sep 2001, 22:34
Yep, Danny, got it back now thanks. Using friend's computer in Canada.

Edited for missing apostrophe, before I get told off by Vel for poor grammar!
:D ;)

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Kermit 180
25th Sep 2001, 06:59

Kermie :)