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24th Sep 2001, 11:51
My misfortunes with men have been many,
those who have known me agree
But at last I have found the answer
in some advice that was given to me.

Late it was, we were drinking.
I asked,"How do you hack being alone"
She paused, and then told me her theory
So simple I made it my own

I combed all the towns and the cities
till I found one that met my requirements
A reliable model with heaps of horsepower
to service me into retirement.

Oh Reddo I wish you could see him
His lines are so sleek and so sure
A tank that holds gallons, the balance is perfect, his chassis chock full of allure.

He purrs when Im sitting astride him
"Italian"..always the best.
Ive put a few through their paces,
and you're right mate, they are always the BEST.

When I squeeze with my thighs its like heaven,
That great pulsing throbbing reply
The growl from his belly, the feeling of speed, Just riding him gets me so high.

Soaping his curves and his crannies, waxing and buffing for shine,
Running my hands over him lightly
not quite beliving he's mine.

Thank you so much for your timely advice
But maybe your words I misread,
I got the big throbbing Italian bit right...
But was that "Bloke" or "Bike" you said?

24th Sep 2001, 12:24
Hehehehehe.............. ;)

Jazz glad to see you'r back with a vengeance mate!! :D

and.........erm.....what's wrong with having both??

24th Sep 2001, 14:17
Finally you listen to me :D Bloke, bike doesn't matter.... the effect appears to be the same :D

24th Sep 2001, 14:57
Great stuff! :) (and totally non-Vogon :D)

Errrr - anyone wanna buy a bike? One going cheap... anyone? Darn it.

24th Sep 2001, 17:04
Hmmm, there's food for thought in there ... somewhere. Meantime, I'm toying with the idea of changing my "signature" to read :


Now lets see who's first off the mark with that one! :p

24th Sep 2001, 20:10
Well now ...... as it happens, I was thinking of bringing my old bike out of retirement.

But then I thought that - perhaps - it would be better if I could find a way of bringing my OLD MAN out of retirement first!

Any offers????

:D ;)

24th Sep 2001, 20:52
go jazzi you good thing you !! :D