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23rd Sep 2001, 21:39
Well, less than one and a half hours after I realised chat isn't working, and I can't take it any more....

But..... I noticed that JetBlast is getting a lot more posts than normal, so I guess all the chatters are hanging around. So I thought let's start up a chat thread in JetBlast!

Now, for the subject. What subjects do we discuss in Chat?


Hmm, not sure that would work, without the spontaneity.


No, already being discussed on several other threads.

The weekend!

Ok, so it's boring, but it's a start. What have you guys been up to this weekend?

Me? Well, Friday night I went round to a mates house and watched Gladiator on DVD. It's a really good film - amazing that a film that long doesn't get boring at any point.

Saturday, I flew a Piper Cub for the first time, which was amazing! If you want to read about that, there's a *very* long post about it in the Private Flying forum (which I typed while I was waiting in vain for chat to come back!) Then, Friday night, I had dinner with my family. My grandparents live in Tenerife - they've come over to visit for a while, but they're going back on Tuesday, so we got a Chinese takeaway and some wine to say goodbye to them.

Then, this morning, I got the train up to Birmingham to pick my car up from the trim shop, where it's been for the last two weeks. It looks great! (But then I knew it would - that's why I took it all the way to Birmingham, because I know this guy is good.) Only problem is that, with the new seat foams, my head hits the roof! It seems like the old seat foams were so worn that I was a couple of inches lower in the seat than I am now!

Then, when I got back, I tried to PPRuNe-chat, but couldn't :(

So, how about everyone else? Responses in the next 10 minutes, please, to make it seem almost like real-time chatting!

And if anyone's got any ideas how to P-chat (unless you know the phone number of the person you want to talk to!), lets hear them!


23rd Sep 2001, 22:26
Ok, this isn't working too well, is it???


23rd Sep 2001, 22:44
That's because we've all got pchats going behind your back! :) Either that or you've been booted for more reality!

Seriously though... as an indication of our sadness... five of us had a mini chat room going via msn messenger earlier :o

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23rd Sep 2001, 22:49

I'm stranded in Vancouver Island and can't get into chat!!!!

What's happening and when will I be able to get my fix??????

:eek: :mad: :(

23rd Sep 2001, 23:03
And no one invited me :(

:D :D :D


23rd Sep 2001, 23:07
Heya Wholi! Nice to see you again...although I'm still waiting for my postcard :(

FFF - you're quite welcome to come up to Coventry if you're really desperate to go somewhere :)

PPRuNe Dispatcher
23rd Sep 2001, 23:10
So FFF - was the registration of the Super Cub G-WLAC?


23rd Sep 2001, 23:31
Yep, that's the one Mik....


24th Sep 2001, 00:05

Thanks for the offer, Babe, but I'm not so desparate as to want to go to Coventry tonight!

But I'll be there next month for the COV-Bash of course!


24th Sep 2001, 00:18
Can you be persuaded to the warm up bash next weekend though? Weather-permitting we're going to Warwick Castle too!!! Oooh how exciting!!!! :) :) :)

24th Sep 2001, 00:27
Hi peeps,

I think you should all get MSN MESSANGER then we can all meet up and chat in our own room!, just like me aerbabe and a few others it was nice kinda like the PPRuNe chat no2.

So all get MSN MESSANGER you dont need a hotmail account just a e-mail address, then we (whoever has your e-mail address) know when your online.

So anyone add me to your new msn messenger.
[email protected]

quite a few of us ppruners have it anyway.


Send Clowns
24th Sep 2001, 00:47
Thanks, Beckx, see you're not online at the moment though. Anyone with msn messenger, I am [email protected]

24th Sep 2001, 06:35
i'm [email protected] :)

24th Sep 2001, 12:15
I don't have MSN Messenger - but I will get it if chat goes down again!

As for the COV warm-up, I don't think I'll be able to make it :( but may change my mind at the last minute! (I sent you a mail about it, AB, but thought I'd post a reply here too, since you asked.)

Well, let's hope that never happens again!