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20th Jun 2001, 20:05
I want her job......

Thai masseuse says holds secret of bigger breasts
By Nopporn Wong-Anan

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Khemmika na Songkhla says she has enlarged the breasts of thousands of Thai women over the past 14 years -- not with chemicals or silicone, but by using traditional Thai massage.

Six days of muscle manipulation, and 16,000 baht (253 pounds) in course fees, will, she says, make any woman's breasts between one and four inches bigger.

Customers seem happy and even some doctors say the century-old technique may work, although the course costs the equivalent of 100 days pay for unskilled workers in Bangkok.

Khemmika, 34, advertises on a billboard in front of her house-cum-clinic in an eastern suburb of Bangkok that she can "Beat small busts to be big".

"The slogan is merely a ploy to draw people's attention," says Khemmika's husband, Pasit. "In fact, we massage them or slap some parts of the body to enlarge the breasts."

During Khemmika's breast enhancement courses, she squeezes, pinches, and slaps fat and muscle on the upper chest, the sides of the torso, and the belly of clients with cream or gel brought by the customers, in six 10-minute sessions.

After the treatment, which patients say is quite painful, Khemmika instructs her customers in special exercise techniques and massage to keep their breasts in shape.

"Most of them don't come back to me if they follow the exercises I have suggested," she says.