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23rd Mar 2004, 13:52
Thanks to this website and all contributors I realized that in my age 37, trying to switch to aviation doesnt make much sense.
Despite all the efforts and will I can see slim chance in getting any decent employement in a next few years for guys like me.
I think it is probably mostly age factor , there are so many equally trained younger guys who will compete and potential employers will prefer them most likely.Anyways it was very educational and helped me to shape my point view. Thanks to all
and goodluck.

23rd Mar 2004, 15:01
There's optimism for you.

Perhaps consider what you want to get out of an aviation career. It doesn't matter what you want to do in life, most of us don't get exactly what we want, but end up quite content with what we get. We adjust our goals to suit our abilities.

If an aviation career is what you really want, and will make you happy, be it longhaul pax or shorthaul turboprop cargo, and you have the aptitude for it, you should do it. 37 isn't too old. Look at it from the future. You could still be working for about 30 years, unless you win the lottery. You're only half way through your working life now. You could be doing what you dreamed of for the remaining half. Getting a job in any industry post training is always difficult. Only you can win that race!

For me, with my rose tinted spectacles, I'll get my fATPL, and Sir Rod will come begging at my door for me to fly 744's across the pond. When I take off those spectacles, I'll be happy FLYING, it may not be perfect, but it will be a darn sight closer than I am at the minute.

btw, if you won the lottery tomorrow night, would you down tools and go for an integrated ab initio? your answer will give you more insight into where you should be going.

23rd Mar 2004, 17:16

Have to agree with NM163. Life is shorter than you think...be happy !! Before I retired from airline flying, I had a copilot who had been a DENTIST...for cryin' out loud !! He was older than a man and a dog, but decided he wanted to fly rather than drill so he got into corporate flying and ended up at a major US carrier. The US carriers have in recent years, in a very unusual display of wisdom, hired guys nearing or over 50. A good corporate or regional job is a great career in and of itself. The carriers will eventually get back on their feet here...be ready. Good luck.

Flying Farmer
23rd Mar 2004, 17:24
A good decision Robert one less oldie for me to be up against;)

My rose coloured specs came off a long time ago, here's the reality for me, now aged 42. No job after 2 years, although I count myself lucky to have instructed last summer and fortunate to now fly occasionally as a safety pilot. My income has been poor for 3 years now and our house is on the market again. Luckily my wife is a godsend and is still with me, it was a joint decision for me to retrain after redundancy from our family business (thanks Dad).

I think things may be improving on the job front, but after lengthy discussion with many here on Pprune and elsewhere, I feel a jet job in your late 30's is remote with low hours, mine are just around the 750 mark. For instance out of the 2 to 300 hundred CVs sent out in the past I have managed to secure 1 interview with a Turboprop company. Both the flying jobs secured so far were a case of the right place at the right time.

Maybe not what the older guys want to hear!! Just pointing out the realities. Its a struggle, finance and emotionally, but one that I will overcome and gain full time employment flying something.

Please think very carefully before you go down this road, it takes no prisoners.

Flying Farmer

23rd Mar 2004, 18:01
Please think very carefully before you go down this road, it takes no prisoners.

Ain't that the truth. One of the most sensible sentences I have seen here for a while.

23rd Mar 2004, 18:44

Why not go do your PPL/IR & buy an aeroplane with the cash you save.....

Build up the hours while having fun fun fun (aerobatics!!??) and when you have the hours - go do the ATPL exams (if you still want to)

Don't try to make a career out of it in the first instance.... just enjoy the flying...

Best of luck



23rd Mar 2004, 23:59
I wish I was as young as you, I have just finished my line training on my first job at 45 years old.
I realise I've been very lucky in getting a job, soon after passing my exams. but if I hadn't tried I would always be wondering.
Tonight with over 100 miles to my destination, I could see it! vis in excess of 10km I think.
good luck

24th Mar 2004, 08:39
Stop talking rubbish ;) Why does someone need to "switch" to aviation?

Now if you investigate, there are ways and means to expand your flying qualifications WITHOUT forking out 50,000 and risking everything. Do it while you're still working,fund it that way, spend a couple of years doing it, and something will come along. In the flying game, its a lot about who you know, and during your training if you do it right, you'll get to meet a lot of interesting people, people who are rich and who have their own aircraft, people who know other people, etc.

So, if you really want to give up then go for it, maybe you don't have the "right stuff". Otherwise don't be so narrow minded, there is a whole lot more to flying for a career that operating the gear and flaps on a 737 :D

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but on these forums you see a lot of posts by people who are so narrow minded, and frankly if they can't be bothered to investigate the opportunities properly, then there is no help for them ;)

Good luck!

24th Mar 2004, 14:37
Aviation is a broad church, and there is no law that says that all its practitioners should have boundless blind enthusiasm for aviation above all else. For many potential pilots, the attractions of an aviation career must be balanced against the disadvantages. When those disadvantages can or will affect family life, you have to take them seriously.

RobertFL is quite right that he has less chance of employment than a younger person in today's marketplace. What those of you who are urging him to go for it are ignoring are the potential consequences to a man well into his working life. Robert doesn't tell us, but it is quite likely that he has a wife, family and financial commitments that make an extended period of unemployment, or employment on a reduced salary, unacceptable to him. That is his personal judgement, and you should respect him for making his decision public - it probably cost him a good deal of pride to come clean on such a topic.

You all have to accept that you do not have any guarantee of becoming paid to fly - some of the more foolish you seem determined to actually fly commercially for no pay, though you don't seem to understand how doing so would undermine the professional status of all pilots, but that's another subject. Statistically, most wannabes will fail to become airline pilots. In fact, most professed wannabes won't even get to PPL! The achievement of an fATPL only gives you the right to seek employment, not to expect it.

You will see many people drop out of the chase for a number of reasons while you are in this field. Don't ridicule them, and don't waste time attempting to persuade them they're wrong. It takes a lot of introspection and self-examination to decide that what you are doing is wrong for you; respect that and let them move on. Get on with your own lives, and let others live theirs.


24th Mar 2004, 14:53
Thanks to all of you for all encouragement
I think most of you are right, determination and perserverance and positive attitude is very important.
Currently Iam software developer living in florida thinking about moving back to europe ,monetary Iam ok no complaints but thrill is gone and aviation is what I wanted always but didnt have enough guts to go for it. Fortunately no kids just wife no serious commitements I can do commercial probably for around $ 30 k , what only bothers me is such a huge unknown and risk of wasting 25 k cause regradless of outcome I wanna get PPL, second drawback would be even if I get so lucky and get employement I will be making probably 50% less what I do now , I love flying and love every aspect of it but at the end of the day we all have bills to pay. I can take financial hit for maybe 2 years , I dont think I would like to earn between 20 or 35 k US $ for longer than 2 years. It is not easy but when we dont try we never know and regrets will hang forever :)

24th Mar 2004, 15:13

Sorry if my last post was a big negative, didn't mean to be :O The fact of the matter you can do your training while still working and enter the aviation world with no debt.

I'm 34 almost 35, started flying at 30, and now have Multi CPL IR. The people I have met on the way have lead to job opportunities, which I haven't taken just yet becasue I have a wife to consider. She's doing a Masters and training as a teacher at the same time, so we need my income at the moment. However when the time is right, I'm in a position to chuck in my job, and move into aviation.

Its the people you know which count to a large extent, which you meet when you enter this wierd world. I've met a few very good people en-route, and I know a lot of others who have. These contacts could lead to a very interesting career, not flying 737's but machines far more fun. As a Software developer there would be no reason why you couldn't freelance at the same time if you need an extra income.

Remember, there is no such thing as "I can't" or at least thats what my primary school teacher once told me :D

Good luck

PS Things seem to be looking up in the States right now, I know 3 people who have just been snapped up by the airlines. If you have the right to live and work in the US, then you have a lot more opportunities to pick from.

24th Mar 2004, 15:18
You are right 100% Iam trying to do what I have to do and on the side get slowly into aviation, the only disadvantage of that method is my personality :) everything has to be "Right Now", cant be done :). But you are right, in terms of usa I would prefer europe , better food ,better life style in general I would say better everything at least this is my point of view

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