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23rd Sep 2001, 04:23
Telegram to Tony Draper,
I have need of your services my dear stop - we have two rather odd gentlemen stop -in aircrew notices stop who might have escaped from the Big House stop - could you please check the inmates stop - report back soonest stop signed Velvet

Danny you have a very dangerous hobby!
Despite what other replies are offered, it is clear that this site is a potential security risk.
However slight that risk is must be acted upon.
I sit in amazement and watch BAA security officers discuss what steps they are taking. And also sit shocked, witnesing colleagues debate steps that are being taken in airlines.
We all know that there can never be 100%security - why on why are we insistant on telling interested parties where weaknesses are?????????
Danny why do you not close this site to the general public and insist upon full identification upon sign up? You only have to reveal peoples identities if a legal or authority approach is made to you for that information. People can then continue to debate airline issues in privacy, relatively anonymously and know that they will not be feeding any sinister organisations with information.
It would also ensure that the topics are generally cleaned up. There would be a lot less slander as well as people would have be sure that they can substantiate their claims about people or organisations.
Surely it would protect you as well Danny. How you have avoided legal action so is a mystery to me.

Spot on StopThink! I think there is a growing number of people that think this site is too much to bear any longer.
I have it on very good authority that several 'serious' complaints have been passed to security and authority bodies today regarding PPRuNe.
Everyone should really think about what they are saying here as I am sure it will be investigated. If you think this site is anonymous then just ask yourself how they capture paedophiles who download porn and the like!

tony draper
23rd Sep 2001, 04:39
I'm afraid any information on this site pales into insignificance compared to what can be found on the web Miss V.
New airport security measures were probably, downloaded and printed out by interested outside parties as fast as they were given to the people that were supposed to have them.
Concidering the present situation, people are going to have to be careful about email and stuff, eyes only gear should be put in a envelope and delivered by hand, also there is a lot to be said for security to be highly visible.

23rd Sep 2001, 09:21
Mr Draper
That was a sensible posting.....Are you feeling alright??????