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22nd Sep 2001, 22:55
I just tried to get into the chat room, and I keep getting told I've entered my nickname or password wrong. What's going on? Chat doesn't even need a password! Why won't it let me in? Anyone else having these problems?

22nd Sep 2001, 23:05
Yup me too :( Oh no... what will I do without my fix????

22nd Sep 2001, 23:06
I just got exactly the same as you Whirlybird!!

Oh Nooooooo, No chat, aaarrrgh, withdrawal symptoms setting in! :(

Self Loading Freight
23rd Sep 2001, 00:06
It appears to be, 'ow you say, bug-eared.


23rd Sep 2001, 01:17
Me too Whirly!

Night shifts will never be the same! :( :confused:

23rd Sep 2001, 01:27
I've just gotten home from work.
It has been the saddest, most emotionally draining and hardest week I've ever spent in the air.
In other ways it's been inspirational, with the FA's working like it was a labour of love, smiling in the cabin and crying in the galley, the pax being sweet, scared, considerate and many of them hugging and kissing us upon disembarcation.
And we hugged them right back.

And even if today is our wedding anniversary, when Mr40 picked me up at the airport he said: "Babe, go and talk to your friends on chat for a bit, the laughter will do you good"

It's no disaster that it's out of order, but a bit of the very special brand of pprune-TLC to be found on chat would have gone a long way tonight.

23rd Sep 2001, 01:47
I can't help with chat flaps......but have a huge hug anyway! :D

Bio Warrior
23rd Sep 2001, 02:01
*sniffles* it is still down

Hugs and kisses flaps and happy wedding aniversary. Well beautiful people I'm off to church, I shall pray for digichat because I believe it requires some divine intervention. ;)

23rd Sep 2001, 02:17
Just checked at 23.20 BST still down. Beckxy posted in questions. Need my fix. Whose responsible?????
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

23rd Sep 2001, 02:44
Erm, it's working via the moderators entrance, but it's really boring talking to myself :(

23rd Sep 2001, 03:16
I agree 10W, but it's just as boring just talking to another moderator.

On the other hand, feel free to join a bunch of us over in MSN messanger.


23rd Sep 2001, 03:16
flaps, happy anniversary hon - just hope Mr40 was able to make up for it ;)

I just knew we shouldn't have filled the jacuzzi so full - obviously the water got into the system.

23rd Sep 2001, 05:18
while i do like the idea of having passwords again
i do think it would help a tad if there was a place to type it in! :cool:

Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Sep 2001, 06:34

Flaps, have a great anniversary!

Vel, sorry hun, must have been when I jumped into the jacuzzi.

ebab deirt I ,ykcuD

This is one unhappy Feeton :( <hands shaking as I type, I need a fix NOW>

:mad: :mad:

Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Sep 2001, 06:40
OK I admit it then. I'm a pprunechataholic! :eek:

There I said it. Happy now? Can I go and chat now? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me chat now?


23rd Sep 2001, 07:48
ohhhh a big breakthrough :p

feety admits his addiction!
look what lack of chat has done to the poor guy :eek:

guess u need to change your signature now feety :D

Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Sep 2001, 08:03
eeeeeeerrrrrrr NO.

I have admitted to being a PPRuNechataholic. Thats totally different to being addicted to PPRuNe forums or posting on the forums. Anyone can clearly see the I'm not adicted to posting. It's certainly not like I make every second post in a thread or anything like that! :cool:

Is chat working yet please............... <dribbles from corner of mouth>

lleps t'nac draobyek ym esuaceb detide

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Kermit 180
23rd Sep 2001, 08:14
The day after a big night out. Body and all associated addictions fed, coffee in hand. Internet time! PPRuNe forums, yep, read enough of that, cool. Now, hmmm, ok, lets try CHAT and see who's in.

Enters log in nickname. Presses connect. What damn password? Eh? Tries again because brain is stuck in first gear. Grrrrr.

Tries again in the PM. Nope, no go. Please fix it!!! Oh, and while Im here having a rant, the changes made to Chat are not aesthetic.

Kermie :mad: :( :rolleyes:

Kermit 180
23rd Sep 2001, 13:13
Still down! What are you going to do when chat is down and you close this bulletin board for maintenance?

Kermie :rolleyes:

Bio Warrior
23rd Sep 2001, 13:27
Kermy I have heard rumours of this place called the real world. I actually spent part of my day out in it, and while pprune chat being down did cause me to wash and iron every shirt I own and rearrange my CD collection, I can ......almost say I enjoyed it.
Because I am practicing my mummy impersonation in case I need it for a fancy dress party I'm tempted to say go outside and play in the sunshine but its now dark in our time zone so I shall suggest maybe you should do as I am doing and have an early night :p As my mother always says sleep on it and I'm sure things will look better in the morning

Night night ppruners one and all

Hugs and purrrs


[ 23 September 2001: Message edited by: Bio Warrior ]

23rd Sep 2001, 13:58
Well Bio. Its not better here and it is 1100... :(

Even worse though, i have been unable to enter chat for ages because of a 'Java' problem on my p.c but i have fixed this now and STILL can't enter the chat room.... :confused: Oh well, I will try tonight after work.

23rd Sep 2001, 14:03
1000UTC Sun 23 Sept 2001.

Pprune Chat inaccessible!

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: NOT HAPPY!

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Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Sep 2001, 14:26
I sit here at 20:28 local time on Sunday and comtemplate life without chat.



wanders off wondering if he'll ever snog Mel again.............

Kermit 180
23rd Sep 2001, 14:33
Feeton, I'll worry about you if you start playing Solitaire.

As for snogging Mel, think of it as quality time apart, a chance to recharge those Feeton tentacles of yours. :D



Fox Fire
23rd Sep 2001, 15:06
boohoo boohoo boohoo

My name is Fox Fire and I'm a Pprunechataholic....... :(

sniffle sniffle http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/icon5.gif

(What am I going to do now with this bucket of iced water I keep ready for Feety and Mel?) http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/huh.gif

[ 23 September 2001: Message edited by: Fox Fire ]

23rd Sep 2001, 15:26
Curled up in the foetal position. Shaking all over, foaming at the mouth. Need my fix and quick.
Please some one help a pruneaholic. Chat, chat, chat. Obsessive behaviour. Heeeeeeelp.

:( :( :( :( :( :(

23rd Sep 2001, 16:41
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaase, anyone, SOMEONE!!! Help me!! :mad: :mad:

I need my fix, PLEASE let me in!! AAAAAARRRggggHHHH! :confused: :confused:

I promise to use my REAL name and not any of those other stupid handles I have been hiding behind! :o :o

AND I promise NOT to call Feeton a silly old fart ever again!


Fox Fire
23rd Sep 2001, 17:45
I'm glad we have that in writing Zarg :D :D :D :D

Charlie Foxtrot India
23rd Sep 2001, 17:46
My first visit to chat for ages...Waah! I thought I had been banned! Or maybe we all have?

Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Sep 2001, 17:52
Zarg you old so 'n so

I have that in writing mate :)

23rd Sep 2001, 17:57
happy times flappers !!

PPRuNe Dispatcher
23rd Sep 2001, 18:28
We know chat is down, w're looking at it.

Humm.. if we can't fix it maybe I should bring the forums down and do some maintenance work on them instead. Just joking!


23rd Sep 2001, 19:16
Mik under that innocent facade of yours lurks a very SICK sense of humour mate! :( :)

In fact I would almost call it
tony draper-ish :eek: :eek:

Thanks for all the good wishes people; I guess we'll last another 17 years. ;)

Vel yes, amply. :D :D :D

...........still no chat....................starting to feel like that french boy Remy.................

23rd Sep 2001, 20:10
Well, I hadn't even noticed that Chat was down until now, so I guess that means I'm not a Pprunechatoholic?

Ah, but wait, what's happening to me now? My fingers are starting to tremble, I'm getting a kind of depressed feeling......

.....Nooooooo!!!! HOW CAN I SURVIVE WITHOUT CHAT?????

Ok, so maybe I am a Pprunechatoholic then.

I'm so glad I've been busy so far this weekend - how did you guys who've been trying to chat all weekend survive?


23rd Sep 2001, 20:20
There you all are..
gosh, i didnt know how addicted I was....
Pray hard, Bio.
Feetie...missin you hunny ;)

23rd Sep 2001, 20:27
Ohhhhhhhhh mates.

Just reading everyone posts, its offical I am also another ppruner who can't live without chat!, I am soooooo sad I cannot belive it! whats wrong with me?.

I am glad I am not the only one tho.

I miss you guys....xxx.

I have asked danny to get pprune back and in return I will post another piccy and one he wont have to edit, its all I can offer in return.

23rd Sep 2001, 20:31
Hi guys,

Just realised I am sad I miss everyone on pprune?, what the fock!

Well I have asked danny to get it back up and running and I will post a piccy in return one that he wont have to edit, well its a small gesture, but its all I can offer

PLZZZZZZ i miss you all.

see you all soon, I hope

23rd Sep 2001, 21:26
... a silent tear rolls from my eye and drops onto the keyboard ... my bottom lip trembles and my eyes redden ... my heart sinks in my chest ...

Please Danny... anyone? Help?

23rd Sep 2001, 21:35
So what IS the problem with chat?? Does someone at "PPRuNe Manor" or the "Fyne Residence" know what the scoop is?

grrrrrrrrrrrrr I don't often visit chat but wanted to a little while ago - couldn't get in and then found this thread!! :D

23rd Sep 2001, 21:43
Youre not the only sad one, Beckxy..
Im just as bad.......
ooohhhhhh..this hurts.........
Melanie..... :(

23rd Sep 2001, 23:00

Lost on Vancouver Island and unable to get into chat!!!!!!

Somebody save me!!!!

What the heck can I do to avoid going completely bonkers?????


:mad: :eek: :(

23rd Sep 2001, 23:13
Go to the pub.

23rd Sep 2001, 23:54
first symptom was that is was impossible to open new public chat rooms - only private allowed

24th Sep 2001, 00:50
I don't believe it!!!!

A whole day after I start this thread, I come back for my fix of chat. This thread is 3 pages - BUT STILL NO CHAT :mad: :mad: :( :( It's not like I'm a chataholic or anything, honest; I could find loads of other things to do, but.... Danny, help, please, all is forgiven; please please bring back chat!!!!!

24th Sep 2001, 03:00
It's fixed. Thanks guys :D

Capt PPRuNe
24th Sep 2001, 04:13
Something got corrupted on the chat server and I have been to Larnaca and back today so after being out for over 15 hours you all had to wait till I sorted it.

Trouble is every time this corruption occurs i have to rebuild all the info and smilies etc which takes ages. Now 0115 local and I have been home since 2100. Getting a bit fed up with sorting all this out. Better hope I don't get too fed up eh?

24th Sep 2001, 12:10
Thanks Danny!

Hopefully the cash coming your way for my personalized title will make you slightly less fed up, although money can't make up for the amount of time you put into this site.

I don't know how DigiChat works, or what's involved in reconfiguring it when it gets corrupted. But is there no way of backing it up so you don't have to re-do the whole lot? Or automating the configuration in some way? I'd be more than happy to assist in setting this up if it would help...


24th Sep 2001, 12:50

Well as promiced I said I would post another pic of me (this time avec clothes)

Well I have sent it to a dearly loved friend who will send me the URL thingy (cos I am thick and I dont understand these things)

So watch this space...

O yerh and everyone...... COME TO THE COV BASH!!!!!