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20th Jun 2001, 04:29
Just wondering why so many folks are posting topics on inappropriate forums these days? Must be causing irritating frustration for the moderators. Mostly R&N lock outs. Is it because it's the first forum and has the highest gravitational pull or just cases of slightly too lazy to find the correct one? :)

20th Jun 2001, 05:19
Try the second guess. :)

What's gonna become of the F-28s? Had a company go bust down here a couple of weeks ago. Looking to buy the AOC for a buck, and need aircraft. ;)

@$%& smilies

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20th Jun 2001, 05:30
Well, the F28's are all on the sell list, 30 or so... but don't know the sked for disposal off the top of my head. Imagine dependant on deliveries of new aircraft or further downturn in the economy. I believe I read somewhere that we have 4 parked currently. The AOC...don't know? Can i direct you to an person/address or i can try to dig up more info. It's all the regional division you know. I like saying this - "I'm mainline".

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20th Jun 2001, 07:29
Thanks RT. Just curious about the F-28s. There's supposed to be a start-up down here in the near future. Wondered if they were gonna use old and inexpensive or new and expensive equipment.

Arm out the window
20th Jun 2001, 09:21
Rolling Thunder, you sneaky bastard!

You're winding us up by posting a serious topic on JB, an example of the very thing you're talking about.

Very clever...

pax domina
20th Jun 2001, 16:48
Pigboat and Rollingthunder - shame on you! Posting a serious aviation topic on JB.

I am just soooo disappointed in both of you . . .


ickle black box
20th Jun 2001, 17:02
I heard that they were going to use the F-28's a big aquariums. After all, they are waterproof to start with, and won't leak. You only need to drill a hole in the top, stick a hosepipe in an fill it with water. After that, add a few fish, and you have a perfect habitat for fish. There's even a row if windows along the side, so we can stand and look in at the little fishies. Perfect for a town center near you!

21st Jun 2001, 03:49

Didn't they try that with a Comet once?
Gave up, after some problem with pressure and the little windows.