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19th Jun 2001, 23:43
Checkout www.amigoingdown.com (http://www.amigoingdown.com)
Your chances of dying on a BA flight from UK to Germany are 1 in 47,854,653;apparently "Thats really quite good for this route"
On the other hand an Air India A320 flight between India and Iran stacks up at 1 in 155,654."Not really that good for this route"!!!!!!!!!!!!

20th Jun 2001, 06:06
Got no further than the first page - I don't want to give out my e-mail for more spam thanks.

On a more serious note (which is strange in JB) what happens to the stats in codeshares or leases. There was a thread recently about (I think) Virgin leasing from somewhere.
Flown in Virgin livery, but by the leasing co pilots. If one of these went down who would pick up the stats against them?