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21st Sep 2001, 05:04
At 9:PM Eastcoast U.S.A. time, President George Bush will announce in a speech to the entire USA Congress that it is "now time to choose sides, either you are with us against terrorism, or you are against us"!

Quoting a leader of Japan: "I fear that this (WTC) has awakened the sleeping giant". From tonight on, the giant is NO LONGER SLEEPING!

I, an American from Texas, stand with my President in agreement - it is now time to decide where y'all stand. Simply put, terrorism is just EVIL - bald-faced EVIL - and it must be stopped. America has the will to do so - will you join with us in OUR Holy Jihad?

Peace to the Peaceful everywhere, regardless of ethnicity or religion - Whatever to those who are not peaceful!

I am thinking about Dec-7, 1941. America lost less than 3,000 dead in that attack. Last Tuesday America has now lost more than 6,000. Twice as big a loss.

Insanity had to be stopped then, it must even more strongly be stopped in 2001!

Friends - Good Luck and Peace be with You.

Others - May your soul rest in Hell!

There is NO MIDDLE GROUND any longer - only two sides!!!

dAAvid -

21st Sep 2001, 05:29
AA SLF, that quote was from none other than Admiral Yamamoto (who, it is alleged, was opposed to the principle of the attack on Pearl Habour.

After the attack, when he was congratulated upon the success of his plan, he said:-

"I fear that all we have done is to awake a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve".

Let's hope that Bin Laden and Al Qu'ada find some echoes there...

21st Sep 2001, 05:40
HugMonster -

Thank You for the accurate citation. The fact that it came from Adm. Yamamoto seems, to me at least, to make it even more appropriate.

SORRY to hear about your Company and the AOGs. Best Wishes for your future.

dAAvid -

ps - TV says that your PM (Hon T. Blair) will attend the speech tonite, in person.
Whatever your views of the PM over there, this Texan says Thank YOU to the English people for your support.

21st Sep 2001, 05:57
If I was 30 years younger, I'd get my old USMC uniform out of my wardrobe and stand ready.

And remember the thing about Americans is,

"Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked."

21st Sep 2001, 06:04
"Peace to the Peaceful everywhere, regardless of ethnicity or religion"

Just don't get in the way all you collaterals.

AA SLF, Every decent human being (English, British, or otherwise) wants to rid the horror. We just hope the coalition led by US forces does the job properly, without blunder.

21st Sep 2001, 11:28
Sorry Folks - have had a little digression on this topic over in R&N involving Chimbu chuckles and need to get it back over here in JB where it belongs.

Below is a "cut and paste" copy of Chimbu chuckles last post to me from R&N:

"Ahhh AA SLF I appologise for doubting you!
I saw your last post that you quote and replied thus, from memory.

I agree that this act of terrorism is beyond the wests comprehension and is unjustifiable under any circumstances.


Things are NEVER that simple!

I agree that the perpetrators of this obscenity MUST be brought to justice!

But things are NEVER that simple!

I WILL fight if called upon to defend the good aspects of Western Civilisation but fear that in the process I will be defending almost 100 years of mistakes and lost opportunities.

I believe there is NO CHANCE that the west will defuse this problem and that we will end up at war.


Having punished whomever was responsible and the people who supported and harboured them we must address the reasons underlying the hatred.

Anything else and we run the risk of this war crossing generations, our children will still be fighting it after we're gone!

Do we really want to ensure the next generation of Islamic youth hate us more than the current one?

The history is out there. The fundamentalists don't hate us because they have nothing better to do with their time.

Lastly I'm Australian, not so different from you just a little more removed from the emotion!


Here is my reply to the above (from dAAvid) -

Thanks for the apology, it is accepted.

I agree with you - "things are never that
SIMPLE". I believe that you are willing to fight against terrorism. I don't believe we should end up "at war" with any NATION. We are FOR SURE at war with the terrorists and will continue until they - repeat - they stop. As an American, I care little about the last 100 years of mistakes made by the "west". I only care about those mistakes made by America. I agree that there is little chance that the "west" will defuse this problem. The next generation of youth will only hate if they are taught to do so by the ADULTS - who should know better. America is looking, even right now, for those exact adults - not the kids. I truly don't know why the terrorist (you called them fundamentalists) hate America. The only islamic people that I think have a case against America are the Iranians. But I don't see a lot/any Iranis involved - YET!

The short view from this American - the terrorists had no "cause" to attack America and they are going to learn to be sorry that they did. ALL the other causes over the last 100 years, or even the last 1,000 years, is not something that I care about. America is not out to solve all the issues of all people in the world, just those that directly involve us. If we, America, can "forgive" the Japanese, then any ill feelings in the middle East over America should be forgiven as well. If the middle East people can't/won't do this then that will be THEIR problem that we (America) will be willing to help them with!

We did NOT start this thing, but we sure as hell are willing to try and finish it.

Why in the heck can't folks learn from Kuwait in 1991?

That's it in a nutshell Chimbu - I have nothing else to say about the middle East's problems - only about America's problems.

dAAvid -

Chimbu chuckles
21st Sep 2001, 11:54
I have flown over,into and out of destinations in Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan. This war will bare NO RESEMBLANCE to the Gulf War, it will be a desert mountain version of Vietnam.
The baddies will simply go underground until the noise outside stops, only difference is they won't have to dig the caves and tunnels because they are there naturally.
You and I desire the exact same outcome....I just hope the West led by the greatest nation on earth(besides Australia :D ) will stop and take stock of the situation and not commit us to a war that will only have phyric victors!
But as I've said if push comes to shove this 39 year old ar$e will be in an aeroplane doing its level best!
For those who want to read what I posted that started this debate with my Texan mate it's here but ignore my comments in subsequent posts doubting his debating skills.

This is way to important to go ahead under any but the most thoughtful circumstances!


cosmo kramer
21st Sep 2001, 11:54
Chimbu chuckles-

I disagree with all of your posts in all of the threads.

The West is not responsible for the policies the Arab contries has lead over the years. Their leaders are the responsible. It is them that are suppressing the poor people while selling their only resources (oil) to the West. The wealth in the Arab contries are so unbelieveably unfairly distributed, some unbelieveably poor and some extremely wealthy.

I understand why the poor people are pised off but they should fight their own regimes instead of the West. There is no excuse for what happened Sep 11th. And soon enough they will know...

Chimbu chuckles
21st Sep 2001, 12:12
That is your right Cosmo, but I disagree with you!


21st Sep 2001, 12:18
Cosmo K
I disagree with your disagreement.
But I'll fight like heck for your right to be disagreeable.
I think you'll find there are some very wealthy people behind the terrorists.

22nd Sep 2001, 01:34
Very wealthy people behind the terrorists; and so interested in humanity that their people starve whilst they pursue their evil acts of vengeance. Acts against an enemy that feeds the hungry of these nations who claim to be so morally superior.

Contrast the hate and venom being spewed from these evil men, with the loving messages which the hijacked passengers sent their familes.

I understand Oxfam claims that we send 6000 trucks of supplies including food into Afghanistan every month to feed the starving people.

On a separate note, was anyone else sickened by the hypocracy of the IRA spokesman Mitchell McLaughlin, that the IRA were not really bad because they hadn't killed nearly the same number of people in their entire history as were slain on one day last week. Does he or they think that somehow killing fewer means they are just your average decent terrorist. No doubt recent events including that 3 of their men were discovered on vacation visiting the friendly Maxist tribes in Colombia, that they had false passports was just an oversight.