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21st Sep 2001, 03:48
I watch it unfolding.
I am holding my breath,
and searching for my god
or goddess.
Waiting for war.
I close my eyes,
and try to wipe from my mind
the horror I saw.

We are amid the change.
From my slumber I have been shaken
in this strange, new,
Hurled -
from my life of quiet indulgence,
Into a day that makes no sense.
White knuckled - heart stopping
anger and grief.

I am praying for peace.
knowing that before the terror will cease,
blood will be shed,

I am seeing two sides
go to war.
Knowing that with the future of us all
rides death.
A crime against the state!

I am holding my breath
but I will not hate.


[ 24 September 2001: Message edited by: jazzi ]

21st Sep 2001, 04:38
Oh freddled gruntbuggly... :)

21st Sep 2001, 04:45
thy nacturations are to me.... :)

tony draper
21st Sep 2001, 04:49
O, Frabjous day
calloon! callay!

Cardinal Puff
21st Sep 2001, 12:21
...As lurgid gabbleblotchits on a turgid bee
Groop, I implore thee, my foontling turlingdromes
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't.

(Thank you, Mr Adams, for gems like this.)

Send Clowns
21st Sep 2001, 22:18
Thanks, Jazzi

22nd Sep 2001, 00:21
Cry "havoc" and let lose the dogs of war!

(Bill Shakespeare)

22nd Sep 2001, 00:34
O Jesus,make it stop!

(Siegfried Sassoon)

22nd Sep 2001, 01:02
Who the hell is Seigfried Sassoon? He wouldnt be Vidals brother would he?

tony draper
22nd Sep 2001, 01:26
Ships!, what f*ckin ships.?? Nelson.

22nd Sep 2001, 03:11
Great poem, good to see you around.

On a much lighter note, you still can't spell bloody "belief"!! :D

22nd Sep 2001, 04:29
jazzi, good to see you again...shame it's under such awful circumstances.

22nd Sep 2001, 07:02
Mistress Redsnail of the PPRuNe spelling gestapo: BITE ME!


Nice to hear you are doing well.

Im always around, you just never know where is all.

OH my lord I just realised I have become just another number.

[ 22 September 2001: Message edited by: jazzi ]

Charlie Foxtrot India
22nd Sep 2001, 11:54
'Twas Brillig, and the slithey toves
Did gyre and gimbal in the wabe...

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris,
I wonder where the birdies is?

22nd Sep 2001, 13:52

right ?

22nd Sep 2001, 16:50
Welcome back Jazzi, just wish it was in better and more peaceful circumstances.

Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Sep 2001, 08:25
Oh Goddess my Goddess,

18/08/01 - did you predict this abomination on the human race Jazzi (nothing would surprise me here)?

Welcome back to the vitual world where one would hope to never be touched by such callous acts as occured on 11/09/01

23rd Sep 2001, 17:10
Ahhh Jazzi,
Me biting you would be a square up wouldn't it? I am sure I still have your teeth marks on my bum. :D

23rd Sep 2001, 18:02
Wha ... huh? Now then Reddo, you really must explain that one! :eek:

Send Clowns
23rd Sep 2001, 18:12
No, Oz, just tell her to publish the photos of the incident :D

24th Sep 2001, 04:48
Its like this..

She had been having trouble with her underwear, so I was doing up her suspenders and....

On second thoughts I dont think I can explain it.

Your worship is duly noted.

I did not in fact predict, typo as usual. I did however predict in August last year that 77 people would die a religious death or that the number 77 would be significant in the death of many in the name of religion.

Flight 77

It spooked me right out.

[ 24 September 2001: Message edited by: jazzi ]

26th Sep 2001, 13:45
....and there was light.(a great big one!) Genesis, or Revelations?

26th Sep 2001, 16:26
Jazzi... if I'd made a prediction like that last year, I'd have drunk meself to oblivion by now.

Mac the Knife
27th Sep 2001, 00:32
Tony - "There's something wrong with our bloody ships today, Chatfield."

[Remark by Admiral David Beatty during the Battle of Jutland 1916]

27th Sep 2001, 00:55
How long before someone finds out that the square root of 767 divided by the zip code of the WTC multiplied by the birthday of George W makes 666?

27th Sep 2001, 05:59
it doesn't :D

27th Sep 2001, 09:32
Rustbucks, bet you forgot to include Georges birth time in the calculation!

Cornish Jack
27th Sep 2001, 13:08
As you no doubt well know .......
'Some people say the birds are on the wing...
but that absurd...
the birds aren't on the wing...
the wings are on the bird'