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The Puprne Dyslexic Poet
20th Sep 2001, 18:39
A Scatsmon caem ppurning on oen Synnu dya
He wuold strat an airlien, or so he did sya
Whit Leckheod Trastirs he wuold sohw the wya
To fyl tranastlatnic, a scehme taht wuold pya

So he lokoed fro a naem, dna sakde all teh ppurners
Woh weer hapyp to hlep, dispete all teh ruomurs
A dicesion wsa tekan aftre saverel dyas
Teh prejoct wuold eb cellad Ciltec Airwyas

Dna Apirl did coem dna Apirl did go
Of tihs shniy new airlien theer wsa jsut no sohw
Teh Govnur did sya “ignoer all teh shiet
Teh airlien is cimong, we’ve got a wibsete!”

Aonther Apirl did coem, dna Apirl did go
Dna peopel weer gitteng moer suspicoius so
Teh Guvnor did sya “ ‘tsi oen of thoes thnigs
I’ve now chnaged it’s naem – Celadinoan Wnigs”

Dna Apirl did coem dna Apirl did go
Peopel in ppurneland, thye weer laugihng so
“waht ho” to teh Govnur “tihs airlien yuo’re hostign
hwo cna yuo run it, spindeng so mcuh tiem pistong?”

3000 posts caem and Apirl did go
I’ve pestod tihs edo, so taht yuo all konw
Theer is no suhc airlien, no plaens or hydrualics
Teh stfuf taht he potss, wlel it’s all jsut plian bollokcs.

20th Sep 2001, 19:30
What a waste of a post. With the site dealing with the deluge in traffic at the moment we could all do without this.

Want to know how busy?, at the time this post was made the servers were running at 29.11 33.59 35.52 - some of you know that the server will only perform searches at below 5.

If you don't like what The Guv says or does why don't you ignore the post/bite your lip rather than waste effort and do something stupid like this.

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The Guvnor
20th Sep 2001, 20:55
What_does_this_button_do? - wihslt I garee twih uyo uabot eth ucrenrt ascrctiy fo abnwdidht, I ahev ot madti htta eth opts aws ermrakabyl uamsgin.

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21st Sep 2001, 01:14
What! What! What! A new art form, and you quibble? Dyslexic...Congratulations.

21st Sep 2001, 04:19
As always I am hubmled, azamed, and sawetrucked.

oyu rea rutly llibriant.

21st Sep 2001, 04:24
Wht bt h't Sdv'' d'|s''s

21st Sep 2001, 06:03
thank the Lord for Humour.

21st Sep 2001, 06:08
waht anothre noe goen/ I'm asnotished.Trluey.

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21st Sep 2001, 06:15
Yes, I do miss the times when we could discuss the glories of cheeses and Nigella Lawson. Sighs, business, yes, I'm coming, actually, I'm already there.

21st Sep 2001, 06:32
But try to forward it to other poetry-lovers and the automatic spell-check has a nervous breakdown.

21st Sep 2001, 06:42

Celtic Emerald
21st Sep 2001, 19:14
Ah come off it "What does this button do"

I laughed myself silly just looking at the title of the thread, and laughed myself sillier deciphering the poem & I'm logging on from a library :eek:

Lighten up mate, whats wrong with a bit of humour in these darkened days.

Keep it up dyslexic poet. I think you're hilarious as funny as Bush & his comment about "not wanting to use a million dollar scud missile to hit a $10 tent in the middle of the Afghan desert & hit a camel on the butt" or the comments by commentators about why the US have no spies on the ground in Afganistan

1) Because they don't like posts that will give them diarriah (the runs) :confused:

2) They don't like posts where there's no sex & bad food

I just luv them :)


21st Sep 2001, 22:54
Lat arsed, tumone squawking sommon cense !

Hotally tillarious

Hugh Jorgen
22nd Sep 2001, 12:30
Lysdixae lures ko

22nd Sep 2001, 13:28
Sta je , bre ovo, mislio sam da znam engleski?!
(what is this, bre, I thought I knew English) :cool:

24th Sep 2001, 23:06
As a dyslexic student pilot I would just like to say

**** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dyslexica doesn't effect your spelling that badly!.

I am sooooooo pissed of that you really think that, all of ya!, have some ****ing brains for gods sake.

25th Sep 2001, 00:32
Hi Bexcky,

Knowing the author of this piece, that would be furthest from his thoughts. Please don't take it personally and at anything more than a bit of humour at the Guv's expense (he even liked it).

The poet has been a tradition on PPRuNe, and his target is never dyslexics amongst the membership but rather other characters from time to time.

I'm sure he would not intend to offend you or anyone else who suffers. We all wish you good luck with your career in aviation. With courage and determination, you will make it and find that dyslexia is not a barrier to flight.

Good luck.

tony draper
25th Sep 2001, 01:25
The Lisping Poet

Now lithen here you piloths.
You weely think your thwell.
thitting in your cockpithh.
Giving uth all hell
therths people in the back you know.
tho eethy as you go.
just get uth back to Newcathle
you contheeted tho and tho.

25th Sep 2001, 10:28
Hehehehe......... :D

Kermit 180
25th Sep 2001, 10:52
Mithter Draper, youre a legend :D

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The Puprne Dyslexic Poet
25th Sep 2001, 12:40

As 10W stated I do not intend to make fun of dyslexics, and I apologise if offense was taken.

In my defence the poor spelling is deliberately excessive - I do understand the issues for dyslexics and have exagerrated the spelling in the hope that people would really this is not aimed at them.

Again, sorry.

Mr Darper sir - excellent, what next, the stuttering poet?

25th Sep 2001, 19:04
You C.. C.. C.. C.. Clot why don't you F..F..F..F..Find someone else to mock. :) :)

Cardinal Puff
26th Sep 2001, 14:57
W w w what does k k k kcuf you mean anyway?

(D d d ducks...)

Sorry Beckxy, couldn't resist that one. Buy ya a beer next time you're in South Africa. Strangely enough I really used to stutter a lot and in moments of extreme stress (like check rides) it rears it's ugly head and raises my blood pressure something fierce. one of the instructors I flew with while doing my PPL used to comment that I should book a slot to speak on the radio to save time. Sod....

26th Sep 2001, 18:46
Apology accepted thanks,

---------------------------------------------Never regret the things you have done
Only regret the things you haven't

26th Sep 2001, 19:08
Ppurne, I am glad all is well between you and Beckxy, for we should be the poorer without the Edo. Not since I last read Chaucer have I come across anything so Chaucerian. When do you give us the remaining Cantos?

Per Ardua Ad Asda
29th Sep 2001, 22:47
Slednipd! Vole it inemmelsy! Peek up teh godo work. Teh freightning thnig abuto it is taht I nudersandt it all. Nersu! mite fro my pilsl pelase!

.T'nod uoy kniht ,sdrawkcab drocer a gniyalp ekil tib a

Thourgh Devarsity ot teh Scheep Pheartits

29th Sep 2001, 23:27

Ja du kan spke du, men du skjnner vel at vi Skandinaver ogs har sans for humor.

Hper alt ellers vel p yene. :cool: