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17th Jun 2001, 22:45
It nearly happened today...

Sober Sex!

Has anybody out there had sober sex...ever?

There I was after a night of not too much booze and in the morning I was sober! When I rolled over to find the doris I thought was Sharon Stone turned out to be Twenty Stone. I thought what the hell for Queen and Country, and she looked like she needed it, but I was saved by a floppy. Horray for Red Bull and Vodka.

So what is sober sex like. Everybody that I know doesnt like it and says its bad for you. Like menthol cigarettes.

Whoa there bigfella, whoa!

Nil nos tremefacit
18th Jun 2001, 01:20
Was she sober as well? Doesn't count otherwise.

Interesting peccadillo. It's okay with regular partner, but I think if you're new to each other then sobriety can get in the way - no excuse for floppiness, premature whatever, clumsiness, lack of rhythm, unusual acts that she might find perverse, getting the name wrong....

18th Jun 2001, 01:56
Does on top of a 4 tonner at Fort George exercise area at 3 oclock in the morning count ?

And no i didn't take my boots off.


18th Jun 2001, 02:20
Being drunken whilst having sex is always much better and considerably more productive than sober sex... hmm sober sex? no, she'll realise what's happening then http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

I spend most of my money on beer and women - the rest I just waste.

18th Jun 2001, 02:30
Jock, are we talking 4 tonner as in truck, or a very bad choice in the bar the previous night?

18th Jun 2001, 02:49
With her sober?

Lucky if she's even awake...I'm always the gentleman though, and pull her nightie down afterwards (after I've finished with the camera, that is).

Bailed Out
18th Jun 2001, 03:06
Drunk is one hold, Sober is fuel critical, much more fun ask any girl!!

18th Jun 2001, 10:24
Yep 4 tonne truck painted various shades of green. I actually nearly broke my leg because i slipped off the side mid act, and because my trousers were round my ankles i couldn't throw my leg over so to speak so i dropped 16'. She though i was mid screamer but i was really fighting to stay on top of the wagon.


18th Jun 2001, 11:21
Beer - for centuries its helped ugly people have sex.
(And I should know....)

19th Jun 2001, 08:38
Some one was trying to tell me that some guys suffer from premature ejaculation...... it's not true..... it's the women that suffer :-)

Anyway sober sex is far to complicated..... Get a few down ya first... its a hellova lot beter... if you can actually remember it...