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20th Sep 2001, 09:41
If you have a friend from NE England ask him to say CONJUNCTIVITIS. This word was made for the geordies. Hey Mr Draper.

tony draper
20th Sep 2001, 12:37
"Bloodshot eyes" wey ey man, wots wrang wi that like.?

20th Sep 2001, 13:02
as a geordie myself, my favorite is taramasalata. Up the toon! :p

21st Sep 2001, 04:53
or when england are playing'bloody hell mcmanaman man'

21st Sep 2001, 05:34
A guy checking off names in Toontown says to a girl:-

"Wassa neem?"
"Anna eena ba a nee anna, anna"

Dead canny, man!

tony draper
21st Sep 2001, 05:41
It is dificult to render the geordie accent in English text.
The ancient Geordie runes are now lost in the mists of time.
Draper is tired, and is shortly off to his bunk, but on another occasion he will tell you of how and where the Geordie tribe came into being and from whense they came.
Prepare to be astounded.