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Break Even
18th Mar 2004, 18:12
I found this website which might be of interest to those who hang around in here.

It contains many training films for US WWII fighters and bombers, as well as documentaries from around that time. You can watch them for free using Realplayer (real time only - broadband is a bonus in this respect) or purchase better quality versions.

Some interesting stuff!


Use GOOGLE. - CamlePilot

John Farley
19th Mar 2004, 12:38
Break Even

Thank you very much. Some of the additional links are also really excellent. There is one lot of stuff out there.



Lu Zuckerman
19th Mar 2004, 23:29
One of the greatest training films coming out of WW II was ”Joe instructor and Saint Peter.” It starts out with Joe instructor flying his P-38 up to pilots heaven and he is met by Saint Peter who shows Joe instructor about ten of Joe’s’ former students describing how they screwed up and ended up in pilots heaven. It was not on the website play list.

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20th Mar 2004, 00:53
Good Site. Just ordered some WWII warbird videos.

20th Mar 2004, 06:44
Tis true that there are some good videos there but I really do hate to have to keep on saying this - but a link to a site that has something for sale cannot stay on PPRuNe. It is FREE advertising and PPRuNe keeps going by relying on revenue from advertising.

The new server, which we are all enjoying, is an example of how much money Danny needs to keep PPRuNe running. Any site can contact PPRuNe and advertise for a fee but we are not in the business of offering free hosting.

Please think before you post.