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19th Sep 2001, 23:36
Unbelieveably at a time like this, it appears that some filling station owners in the States and Canada wasted no time in putting up the price of fuel in the wake of last week's events. The Americans call it "price gouging". Despicable at a time like

I was stuck in Toronto at the time, and there was outrage at the petrol
price being gouged - anything up to $4 a gallon (normally around $1.60)

OK their gallons are smaller but at $2.1 (Canadian) to the still under 2
a gallon (!). Wish our fuel was as cheap as this at the best of times, but really that's hardly the point.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

21st Sep 2001, 00:53
I thought America was supposed to be a capitalist country and therfore market forces dictated prices. If people are willing to pay those prices then what's the problem?

tony draper
21st Sep 2001, 02:52
Whatever happens in the next few years it will pay the west to go hell for leather into alternate energy and fuel sources, artificial fuel oil, nuclear power stations, electric vehicles, anything that reduces our dependence on middle eastern oil.
If things do go pear shaped in the next year or so, there may be more motor vehicles operating in Albania than here.
I remember the oil weapon being used by the gulf states in the seventies,why is it we never bloody learn?.
One of the silliest and most pointless statements ever uttered by a human being must be.
"We must study history, or be condemned forever to repeat the same mistakes"

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Squawk 8888
21st Sep 2001, 08:22
TD, we don't need oil from the middle east. The reason we import so much is that the regulations became so onerous that by the late 60s it was cheaper for oil companies to bring it halfway around the world than it was to drill a new well in the US. There's evidence that the oil sitting in Alaska and the NWT alone could replace most of our imports, but the enviro-nuts have blocked development for years now. If the greens had been ignored those fields would be in production now- before this latest crisis.

tony draper
21st Sep 2001, 12:48
Well thats ok, but what about the rest of the developed world ?.
As far as I know we still have some oil left in the North Sea,but we were always told that North Sea oil was not sutible for distilation into the type of products that will run the family car.
Whatever happens we need to learn the lesson we should have learned 25 years ago.
I remember the embargo,as it happened the three day week didn't effect me, but I do remember the silliness of having to drive bloody miles in order to fill up the company vehicle,at we wasted half a tank getting there and back.

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Onan the Clumsy
21st Sep 2001, 19:25
Tony's right. We went to war in the desert when it was fairly obvious that we really didn't give a crap about Kuwait. Within a couple of weeks, we'd built hospitals, roads, an Air Traffic Control system. You know, all those things that we sorely needed back home. It was all about protecting the oil supply and it looks as if we really have learned nothing since.