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19th Sep 2001, 23:01
It's almost beyond belief that while most of the world is still trying to come to terms with the appalling atrocities we saw last week, that the despicable loyalist mobs in Northern Ireland have carried on just as before bullying little kids on their way to school, just because they are Catholics.

Have they learned nothing?
I'd hoped (naive I know) that some good might come out of the US massacres, that people might just pause to think about their actions, their hatred of people who hold different religious views.
Not the loyalists in N.I. it seems.
Six were arrested today - not before time. I hope they receive harsh sentences for their cowardly and barbaric behaviour.

They claim to do these things in the name of their Protestant religion, when it's perfectly obvious that they are not Christians, and don't give a toss about Christian beliefs.
They also like to call themselves British, seeming to miss the point that it's not 'British' to bully little kids for political reasons.
The most worrying thing about a united Ireland if it ever happens is that we'd have an influx of people like that coming to live here! Ugh!!

20th Sep 2001, 00:43
I'd never thougth of it that way!
The idea of us pulling out and letting them get on with it doesn't seem such a good idea when you realise lots would end up here.

Ananova News Report tonight says:
Loyalists are threatening to step up their protest outside a Catholic primary school after eight men were arrested.

Protestants have accused the RUC of bias in dealing with the stand-off near the Holy Cross Primary School in north Belfast.

Six of the men will face public order charges at a court in the city on Wednesday.

North Belfast Assemblyman Billy Hutchinson warned: "It's now made people angry and people will want to up the ante in terms of the protest."

Police arrested the eight as Northern Ireland regional development minister Maurice Morrow announced a regeneration package worth nearly 9 million for the Glenbryn area. But the RUC move has hardened loyalist attitudes.

Following the arrests, stone-throwing incidents involving loyalist youths were reported after parents returned through police lines.

Mr Hutchinson, a Progressive Unionist, said two weeks ago that he was ashamed to be a loyalist following a blast bomb attack yards from where children were passing.

But after the arrests, he said: "I don't blame people, in fact the police are not welcome here for what they have done.

"I think they have been totally biased and acted in a biased behaviour since they came in here on September 3."

The protest in Ardoyne Road has continued since the new school term began two and a half weeks ago."

Perhaps the harsh truth is the only difference between these terrorists and the ones last week is a matter of degree. They seem to have the same hatred, the same distorted minds.

People like that don't want to learn from the tragic experience. They're so convinced their right. Listen to the so-called "moderate" when they're being interviewed - though their propaganda is wearing a bit thin.

20th Sep 2001, 08:26
What you must remember Nom DP is that this kind of crap has and will always be around so long as religion exists as the vehicle. As an atheist (and after the latest religious episodes, becoming increasingley RABID) I see there is no diference between christianity and islam. You can interpret the bible in just the same savage and murderous light as the koran.

20th Sep 2001, 13:02

I agree that religion can be used as a vehicle for mass-murder etc...

...but I thought Hitler/Stalin/Robespierre were all atheists.

At the end of the day I think we need to accept that there is a very evil side to Human beings (as opposed to the good side of course). We are naturally agressive and predatory and tribal. :eek:

IMHO so long as we have this caveman stuff inside us, we will be able to use any religious/political excuse for mass murder...

21st Sep 2001, 08:18
The basis of Hitlers madness was his belief in the supremacy of the Arian race. This in effect WAS his religion. In the name of the Arian race he attempted genocide.

Religion can be used as a banner to justify mass murder, as any cause can, including the cause of protecting our freedom.

Fanatacism will wear any disguise to vindicate dramatic "heroic" action.

Still holding my breath...

Squawk 8888
21st Sep 2001, 09:16
Hitler was no athiest- in Mein Kampf, he claimed that he would be doing God's work by eradicating the Jews.

The problem isn't religion per se, it's a combination of collectivism and too-long memories. Collectivism is the philosophical basis for holding people responsible for the acts committed by strangers in the distant past, and the only antidote is American-style individualism, which is why there is so much hatred for the yanks. In the middle east they're still fighting wars that were started by people who have been dead for centuries. The muslims can't get over the Crusades, the Russions never got over the sacking of Constantinople, and so on. The root of it all is the collectivist notion that one is somehow "branded" to one's ancestry and let that branding rule one's life, rather than looking at the situation at hand and making rational choices. The enemy today is not Islam, or any other religion. The enemy is those who abdicate their freedom to choose their own destiny and go along with the mob.