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18th Mar 2004, 00:12
I'll have to ask for some patience on this one.

I've got alot of questions, so, if you know this lineage well I'd beg you to stay with me over the next few months.

First up:

The HR.200 series.

It spawned the R2160 which had some significant differences, at least in terms of the larger rudder. That's clear.

My question is: what was the difference between the lower powered versions? Is there any real difference between the the HR.200/120 and the R.2112 for example?

Were any of the HR's or anything other than the R.2160/i marketed or certified for aeros?

18th Mar 2004, 07:35
The HR200 was indeed certificated originally for aeros but this was subsequently withdrawn due, I believe, to spin recovery concerns, hence its re-emergence some years later (as the 2160?) with a significantly increased fin, rudder and added ventral fin.

We had an HR200 on the fleet at Rochester back in the late 70's early 80's and used to turn it upside down regularly. A great machine until it was involved in a weather related accident.

It snowed heavily overnight and the hangar collapsed on it....

Nice little aircraft and not that dear to buy these days.


18th Mar 2004, 08:06

If you need info on Jodel and/or Robin aircraft, then I point you towards the Jodel Club. They have a large archive of data on the marques, which has been of great help to me with my own D120.

PM me for details.


18th Mar 2004, 14:54
I learnt on the HR200!

The R2112 desingation I believe is political. Chris Heintz the designer left. HR meaning Heintz Robin. No longer wanting to be associated with Chris, Robin dropped the "H". But I learnt on a 2000 machine, still a HR200 desingation and CH left in '72?

The R2160i has an injected 160hp engine (vs 120hp carb) so is cleared for aeros.

18th Mar 2004, 15:27
Excellent stuff - thanks.

I'm slowly but surely building a family tree. It's quite interesting, for me at least - connecting to Extra, Socata, CAP, etc etc. I think my research is going to take awhile, but I'm making good progress.

18th Mar 2004, 16:10
<<I'm slowly but surely building a family tree.>>

The whole Jodel/Robin/Mudry/Dyn' Aero story 1957-2000 is told in great detail in Xavier Masse's superb book 'Avions Robin', published in 2000 by Nouvelles Editions Latines, Paris, ISBN 2-7233-2023-5. You'll need some French to get the best from it.

The only significant new production development in the Robin all-metal range since the book was published is the R 2120, introduced in 2001. Essentially, it combines the fuselage, vertical tail surfaces, fuel tanks and engine of the HR 200/120B with the wings and horizontal tail surfaces of the R 2160, and is officially known as the R 2120 Alpha and R 2120U (Utility version) and marketed as the Alpha 120T. The R 2160 series is now marketed as the Alpha 160A, Alpha 160Ai (with fuel-injected Lycoming AEIO-320 engine) and Alpha 160T, which is a basic trainer version on sale since 2002.