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18th Sep 2001, 23:54
IMHO from watching TV, Mayor Guilinani is a much more impressive leader than Pres 'Dubya'....

1. Stays in Danger Zone on Tuesday and takes command instead of wussing out to bunker in Luisiana.....

2. Makes inspiring speeches to firemen etc and boosts morale instead of coming out with Clintonsque gibberish like 'Ahhmmm a Lurvin mayannn' (uhhh??)

What do you all think..??


19th Sep 2001, 00:39
Dead right, swash. Rudi has come out of this as a truly inspiring leader whereas Dubya has just trotted out lame and wishy-washy statements about "those folks who did this..."

You gotta put your money where your mouth is and that means being on the scene, day and night, saying the right things to get people up and on their feet again.

Well done, Mayor Guiliani.

19th Sep 2001, 02:43
1. Giuliani is a legend. All those people getting on his back and getting his girlfriend banned from the mayoral mansion should be feeling pretty embarrassed - but being pinko hypocrites, probably not.

2. STOP THIS CRAP ABOUT BUSH AND AF1. It would have been an act of utter lunacy to allow the President go into a hazardous air environment. THIS IS WHAT YOU PAY THE SECRET SERVICE FOR - to tell the Prez where he can't go. If it were Clinton there would be no question of "dodging" the issue.

Clinton would have fired off a couple of Tomahawks by now, and Bin Laden would be still alive to bomb more targets. Bush might actually get the swine. And still people like you will wish he had gone into Kandahar with a Bergen to get him out personally.

Good grief :mad: I'm IRISH and I think this is dumb!

Kermit 180
19th Sep 2001, 12:14
Seeing Mayor Giuliani talking to the press today dressed in a fire fighters outfit, reminded me of a painting I had seen of Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the uniform of an RAF Air Marshall, at the time of the Battle of Britain. Inspirational man. Good onya Rudi!

Kermie ;)

Bally Heck
19th Sep 2001, 18:41
Finally a US leader worthy of respect. Guiliani for president!!

19th Sep 2001, 19:02
Oh no...!!! Let's not ruin him as well!

16th Oct 2001, 12:45
And now a knighthood. Nice to see it.

The Duke of York has announced that New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will be awarded an honorary knighthood for his work in the wake of the 11 September atrocities.
Prince Andrew made the announcement in New York City Hall during a three-day visit to the city to reinforce British support in the aftermath of the World Trade Center terror attacks.

Mr Giuliani said he was "humbled and gratified" by the honour but said he felt the award was "for everyone".

New York city's police commissioner, Bernard Kerik, and its fire commissioner, Thomas Von Essen, are also to be given honorary CBEs at Buckingham Palace later this year.

On Monday, the Duke read the full citation giving the reasons for the Mayor's honour, which said: "Rudolph Giuliani has been appointed an honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for his outstanding help and support to the bereaved British families."

The Duke said Mr Kerik and Mr Von Essen were being recognised for their "remarkable dedication and professionalism" in "saving British lives and assisting the families of the British dead".

16th Oct 2001, 13:01
I see Giuliani has also invited the Band of the Coldstream Guards to NY after their rendition outside Buck House of "The Star-SPangled Banner".

17th Oct 2001, 00:14
The man has showed some great leadership. Well done.

17th Oct 2001, 03:01
Guiliani - Top Bloke
Dubya (in this instance) = Top Bloke
Bliar (I really hate to say this) = Top Bloke

Bin laden, ever heard of FAE? No? You will soon :D

Seriously though, the Mayor has been an absolute brick these past few weeks and thoroughly deserves every award he gets. On the 11th everyone in NYC was a hero