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18th Sep 2001, 23:45
According to 'teletext' earlier this evening, our wonderful PM (whom 40% did not vote for) is making a major contribution to sealing the international coalition against Bin Liner...

....what....he made the tea...??? :D :D :D :D

Bloody Hell...!!!! :eek:

...its just like having an Empire again, eh Tony??....

19th Sep 2001, 01:43
Cheap and unworthy, Mr. Plate.

TB is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, whether or not you voted for him.

He speaks on behalf of all of us, and at a time of crisis we should support him. I am not a Conservative, but if Ian D-S becomes PM in the future, he will become my PM, and I shall support him in a crisis.

There are times to put party loyalties aside - unless of course you work for the Daily Mail.

19th Sep 2001, 02:11
He`s loving every moment of this crisis, as much as Thatcher loved the Falklands war. I`ve never seen him look so happy as when he is "organising" foreign leaders, self satisfied and full of his own importance.

Bailed Out
19th Sep 2001, 02:32
NoSurrender, Couldn’t agree more, Blair running around the world like a headless chicken saves him from having to do the real work here at home. If this thing really blows up then we could have some serious problems with all the rubbish his lot have allowed to drift into this country over the past few years.

His time would be better spent sitting his arse down here and sorting out the bloody mess his government have left this country in. After all, looking after this country is why we employ him isn’t it?

Mind you I always did think it was the wrong man for the job, reminds me of Chamberlin just before the last big one kicked off.

Don D Cake
19th Sep 2001, 16:24
Where's John Prescott? Why is Gordon Brown doing all the TV interviews while TB contributes in a major way.

Token Bird
19th Sep 2001, 16:37
TB is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Am I? **** , first I heard!

TB (the best)

Bailed Out
20th Sep 2001, 01:46
Token B, You couldn't do any worse than the pratt who stole your initials.

20th Sep 2001, 01:51


I'm off.

Bailed Out
20th Sep 2001, 02:19
Hello!! Did someone just throw their rattle out of the pram?

20th Sep 2001, 12:10
I don't see him as my PM - I didn't vote for him.

IMHO he's just a typical 'word merchant' politician coming out with the same synthetic emotions as he did after Diana's death.

I agree with 'Bailed out' - why has he got to go swanning around the world when ther are plenty of probs here at home??

'War on terrorism'? Tell that to all the soldiers who served in NI........

Send Clowns
20th Sep 2001, 21:37
One caveat that I think so far TB has not done too badly on this one, as far as we have seen. That is positive too, that he is quiet, not boasting what he is doing, but using quiet diplomacy.

That apart TB is a traitor to this country. He is willing to do whatever he thinks will keep him the leadership of the Labour party. He risks destroying this country simply for his own political power.