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17th Mar 2004, 08:28
Doing some reaserch on a dead relative of mine. Killed on the RAFs disasterous Nurnburg raid 60 years ago. The Squadron logs talk about all the aircraft being "overloaded beyond the maximum amount". The bombload was 10,360lbs (one cookie and 576 incendaries of various sizes) Flight time for the round trip was about 10 hours.
Anyone know how this fits into the Lancs performance?

As an aside I have come accross some remarkable stories, one on the 15/3/44 the crew of Fsgt Perry on their first operational sortie attacked 7 times by a nightfighter. Killed the tailgunner. Put both turrets,rudder,elevators and hydraulics out of commission yet they still got back to base, quite amazing.

henry crun
17th Mar 2004, 09:11
Daysleeper, if you do not get an answer here, presuming you know the squadron your relative was on, try an advanced search on Google and see if there if there is a squadron association.

I feel sure you will get an accurate answer from those sources, they would be only too happy to answer a query from someone like yourself.

From what I have read, Nurnburg was a long trip in those days and they probably had to reduce the bombload to the figure you mention to carry the fuel needed.

18th Mar 2004, 11:30
One Group regularly loaded the absolute maximum bombload and the minimum fuel required thus cutting down the contingency available to damamged aircraft. Their loss rate reflected this as did their tons per raid ........ achieving performance targets at other's expense is not a new thing :suspect: