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16th Mar 2004, 20:25


...to this...


(1938 CFS Aerobatic Flight colours, profiles by David Howley)

Cracking idea, or sheer lunacy. You decide...

16th Mar 2004, 20:30
Please don't change it! The overall yellow finish is much nicer.

If there must be change, what about the 'half yellow, half camouflage' WW2 Maggie paint scheme?

But she looks quite lovely just as she is!!

16th Mar 2004, 20:34
Old Warden's own Maggie is in the camo/yellow scheme.

For the record I'm going with 'cracking idea'.

no reds
16th Mar 2004, 21:06
. . . yellow for the cowling too please

vintage ATCO
16th Mar 2004, 22:10
Nope, leave it as it is, including the cowling :cool:


16th Mar 2004, 22:14
Nooooo dont paint the cowling, firstly its totally inaccurate secondly it really shines nicely in the sun (happy to help polish it HP).

FWIW I like the proposed scheme, i think it would make a nice duo with a certain other OW resident when it appears this year :ok:

It would certainly create a stir.

PPRuNe Radar
16th Mar 2004, 22:33
Nice scheme. Gets my vote :ok:

16th Mar 2004, 23:22
Well, since you asked, and bearing in mind the owner (-hem- sorry, custodian avec wallet) gets the final say...

Change it please!

1. We've seen the Yellow for some time - it's nice,but a change would be nice too.

2. I've got it muddled with another (yellow) Maggie before now, so, as P. O. Prune would say "Red white and yellow crates prevent that thinking feeling."

3. Would match the :mad: at OW this season.

4. It's 'only' paint.


JK, Maggie fan...

16th Mar 2004, 23:30
I say "cracking idea" Hairy. Colours look a treat and as Adrian Cronaur said in "GOOD MORNING VIETNAAAAAAAAM" if you are going to clash, CLASH! But leave Gromit out of it...

I like the old bright mil schemes, a la dayglo etc, plus, come on, admit it, Spencer Flack's Spitfire XIV looked fantastic in her civvie scheme!

Sorry BEags, for once I disagree with you!

Feather #3
17th Mar 2004, 02:14
Status Quo, please :)

Cheers ;)

17th Mar 2004, 05:06
I think the CFS colours look terrific, get the spraygun out Hairy

Are you going to get a removable fairing made up for the front cockpit for extra authenticity?

17th Mar 2004, 06:58
Cracking idea please. We've got trainer yellow and camo-painted Maggies so let's have something different (but historically accurate). :ok:

17th Mar 2004, 08:19
Each to his own. So long as it's an authentic paint job, go for it!

But my little 1/72nd scale plastic model Maggie of 1965-ish had a really nice two-tone blue finish! Dark blue upper wings, upper tailplane and upper fuselage with sky blue lower fuselage and undersurfces; pre-war style large contrasting pale blue upper wing registration marks and dark blue under wing markings. Plus a natural metal cowling, of course. Ahh - the smell of Britfix polystyrene cement and Humbrol plastic enamel.... Probably not allowed these days by the tree-hugging fluffy nanny state :mad:

17th Mar 2004, 08:41
Hi everybody!

Blimey - what have you started DB??

As you may already know, V1075 should be N3788 (check out the MMMmmmiles thread for the reasons why if not).

So - and it aint gonna happen this year - I had(?) planned to correct this anomaly, thus rendering the current scheme historically accurate.

With the mindset then that the paint pot has to come out some time, along comes Damien with a scheme that I have to say really does blow my frock up.

With no real provenance (but with a fascinating history all the same) I dont see a problem in adopting an interesting period scheme. The basis of my aircraft is a 1938 fuselage so that fits...



17th Mar 2004, 08:59

Has to be the CFS Aerobatic Team scheme, which I've long admired. Adopting the correct broad-chord fin/rudder a step too far, I suppose? And any chance of persuading Shuttleworth to repaint the Avro Tutor in a complementary CFS team scheme? That would be fun!

PPRuNe Pop
17th Mar 2004, 10:42
It grows on you doan it! Go for it!

17th Mar 2004, 12:49
Hi Aerohack,
You know, sometimes one is luckier than you expect... Watch OW... It's a non secret.

Lu Zuckerman
17th Mar 2004, 15:17
To: DamienB

Most of the responses are from the purists who don't want to change history. They should be listened to. However if you want an aircraft that will attract attention at displays and airshows go for the colorful paint scheme.

:E :E