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17th Sep 2001, 13:29
I just received this (http://www.fototime.com/E440F734DCE0324/standard.jpg) by e-mail and thought it was too good just to share with my e-mail distribution list.

In my heart, I believe that "the twins" are still there and that all the folks are still at work. God bless all the victims of terrorism.

17th Sep 2001, 13:49
Amen to that! Thanks mate.

17th Sep 2001, 18:53
Just got this (http://www.fototime.com/6AD0F73E40BE909/orig.jpg) by e-mail too. I dunno about anyone else, but it sure looks like the one-finger salute to terrorism! It'd sure make MY day if the WTC was rebuilt like that!

18th Sep 2001, 05:06
Cheers OzE.
The second one actually baught a smile to my face :)

GG xo

18th Sep 2001, 06:26
Great pictures OzE and GG is right - the second one does bring a smile.


19th Sep 2001, 13:24
Just a pity that there isn't time to build it while the bombs are raining down on that bin Laden bloke! That would be a really fitting touch.