View Full Version : Automatic route offset software – anyone know/used any?

Clinton McKenzie
16th Mar 2004, 10:47
I apologise if this question has been asked and answered before, but I’d be interested to know if anyone’s aware of, or has used, software that automatically offsets planned tracks by moving them (for example) 2nm right of the ‘nominal’ route.

I want to be able to plan using IFR routes, then push a button that automatically offsets the planned track to a specified side of, and a specified distance from, the ‘nominal’ route, then download the result to the GPS.

Ideally, the software would have the option to specify a distance from the departure aerodrome that the planned track starts diverging from the ‘nominal’ route, and a distance from the destination aerodrome that the planned track starts diverging back to, then resumes, the ‘nominal’ route.

Any info appreciated.

16th Mar 2004, 22:12
Why not just fly one or two dots left like I do? That displaces you 1-2NM in enroute mode, and .1 -.2 nm in terminal mode. You can then choose when to put in and take off the offset when required.

Much easier than flucking with routes to non-named points etc.


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