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16th Sep 2001, 21:58
How about training some Cabin Crew as Skymarshalls?

Better yet, how about recruiting special-forces trained mercenaries as Cabin Crew? This would kll two birds with one stone. As well as giving terrorists pause for thought it would make air rage a thing of the past. The kind of punter who is willing to start a fight with a cabin attendant may well be deterred if that cabin attendant is a hairy-arsed merc of the worst kind with an arsenal of non-lethal weapons!

17th Sep 2001, 04:17
Good thought.

Heard a laughable comment though from some pundit on CNN today. The discussion was whether to arm pilots, and this guys says "well, most of them are Vietnam vets so they should know how to handle a weapon...." :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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17th Sep 2001, 08:58
Well Grainger, perhaps you are not the first one to laugh and to under-estimate them yanks after the first attack.

Nips and Pearl Harbour ring a bell?

(Uh, no we are not all Vietnam vets, but we are pretty pissed off and could probably take out a few rag heads if given a second chance now that the rules of engagement are well known.)

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17th Sep 2001, 22:17
FREDA, to take your point a little more seriously, given that it is (in some parts of the world) very difficult to smuggle firearms on board and given that, as we understand it, these guys were armed "only" with razor blades and penknives, how about providing aircraft with tazers?

The pax needn't know where it they are on board, many are now so small that a terrified-looking hostie could sidle up to you, and ZAP you're down and out for a while.

Firearms can do serious damage to an aircraft, at best forcing it to lower level to equalise pressure. At worst, it could bring an aircraft down. Given that most hijackers would have difficulty (in Europe at least) getting one on board, and given the damage they do, most people on board would be wary of using them. Hijacker disarms pilot (or whoever) and he's now armed with a firearm as well as a couple of razor blades.

A tazer does no lasting damage, but will immobilise a hijacker for long enough to tie them into a seat.

Estimates of hijackers on board these aircraft were between 3 and six per aircraft. How many cabin crew armed with tazers could have neutralised them?

18th Sep 2001, 01:13
Hugmonster, to refer you back to my original post, I do specifically refer to "an arsenal of NON-LETHAL" weapons.