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16th Sep 2001, 20:28
Today, as part of my extended stay in Toronto, I paid a visit to the CN tower. The upper observation deck - known as the SkyPod - is 1465 feet amsl.

From the SkyPod I saw a wonderful sight - Commercial air traffic in the skies again at Pearson airport, and GA traffic at the Toronto City airport located near the base of the tower. What a beautiful place to fly ! I wanna come back one day and fly from that little island airfield.

The CN tower was very busy. Although it had been closed for a couple of days, it was reassuring to see that people were not staying away. None of the people I spoke to expressed any concern over security of the building, or misgivings at seeing aircraft so close to the tower. The pervading attitude was not to give in - not to be made afraid.

Going up to the top of the tower was just a small gesture of defiance. Tomorrow morning I'll be flying home (at last !); another statement that we will not be made afraid to live our lives.

Maybe I'm being a little naive and simplistic, but it seems to me that there are better ways to fight back than with hatred and further violence:

By helping each other, we show that these events will bring out the best in us, not the worst.

By not being afraid to go back up the tall buildings - whether to visit or to work.

By continuing to fly - yes, with a heightened awareness of the need for security - but without feelings of fear and dread.

And eventually, by rebuilding what has been destroyed - not necessarily the same, but better than before.

Sure, when there is clear evidence on the perpetrators they must be rooted out and dealt with - but let's regard any use of force as a necessary evil, not as an act of revenge or striking back.

By rising above feelings of hatred and the all too natural urge to hit back in revenge, by recovering and rebuilding, by refusing to live in fear and suspicion, and by never forgetting those who are no longer with us - that's how we fight back and show them that terrorism has failed today and will continue to fail in the future.

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17th Sep 2001, 00:47
Well said Grainger, the only defeat of this is not to allow them to win, by creating a world of fear.

They would destroy, we must create.

They would bring death, we must bring life.

They would cause dissension, we must bring harmony.

They would turn us against each other, we must remain co-operative.

Freedom is a precious thing, do not let it be lost for then they have achieved their aims.

17th Sep 2001, 00:53
Grainger and Velvet,

I could not agree more to the sentiment that you have both expressed.

Business as usual (if you pardon the phrase) is surely what the autrocity was planned disrupt. Is not the best way to respond, to continue with that which was to be destroyed?

17th Sep 2001, 02:38
Sorry gang, I have to be outspoken here. Even though the sentiments I'm sure are sincere and well meaning, it makes me wonder why a terroristic act should be the pivotable point on how our responses should be.

Very few are able to practice this on the various PPRuNe threads. Look at the dis-respect, hatred, degrading and demoralizing behaviors that manifested here. Personal attacks were common ground. If we can't take care of the small issues, how do you think this will change on a larger scale?

Yep, it sounds nice and glossy but "actions speak louder than words". It starts in our own home and work environment. I've been put to this challenge in my own life. It's not easy to stand firm on choosing to "turn the other cheek" or rise above the behaviors of others. This does not mean we cannot be strong to stand our ground. Sometimes there is a "fight" and it is what weapons we choose that makes the difference.

I've lost a few battles myself by words I've said or actions taken. However, I will give every effort to learn from my weaknesses and press forward to choose the right "weapon" to defeat the animosity, hatred, and jealousy that prevails in our society.

...other than that, Have a Great Day! :)

17th Sep 2001, 05:29
I want to punish those who are guilty (but only them), but otherwise, not stooping to the level of those who did this, and removing the irritants that make their terrorism popular and possible seems to me to be the best way (long term) of fighting back.