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James Bigglesworth
16th Mar 2004, 03:59
G'day All,

Friend of mine has an interview in NZ for QF. ( Via a recruitment agency apparently). She's recently completed a Tourism / Hospitality degree, and has lots of hospitality experience, but little knowledge of the airline industry.

Can anyone point me to some usefull prep info. Had a bit of a search but couldn't find many specifics...

Are any of the preparation courses any good ?

Any help much appreciated !:ok:



16th Mar 2004, 05:09
Do a search of "adecco" on here and you might get some info, thats the company its through.

She'll need to get some knowledge of Qantas etc for the interview, have a look at the website.

As for the prep courses, personally I think they are a waste of money and would stay well clear.

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