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Transition Layer
16th Sep 2001, 14:58
Not sure if anyone has raised this already, but what are the chances the hijackers from last weeks atrocities read and/or contributed to Pprune?

Who knows, those questions in Tech Log about 757/767 systems could have been from them? I know it's not a pleasant thought, but suddenly occurred to me and quite frankly, it scared the s**t out of me.


16th Sep 2001, 16:20
You've got a point there, but I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. That kind of info is available on MS Flight Simulator, 744 Precision Simulator and the likes. I was truly amazed at how true to life the 744 Precision Sim was when a "non-flying" friend showed it to me on his computer. Don't know what you fly, but the -400 is the heavy metal that I fly, & even I was impressed with that computer game. Those scoundrels didn't need to post questions in PPRUNE to get what they were looking for.

We've embraced the internet together with free flow of information. These are the down sides of it, but I'd say that on balance we still need to move forward.

16th Sep 2001, 19:45
Agree 100%

One of the objectives of terrorism is to spread fear, suspicion and distrust. Just think of all the poor souls in flight training schools, motels, and so on who interacted with these people over the last year or so.

No-one can know all the time who they are dealing with. If you trust people then sometimes you will be let down. But the alternative - living in fear and distrust - is even worse.