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15th Sep 2001, 18:56
I was chatting on ICQ last night to my ex-g/f, who is a lawyer in NY. I thought people might be interested in seeing some of it.

Hi. I was hoping you were on. I wanted to let you know the response to the UK's show of support.
Hiya! Just got in. Response was good?
I don't know of a dry eye yet. People were talking about the service in which people sang our national anthem. And then we heard that the guard played it when changing. It was quite moving for us all.
Cool! I hear they were also singing "God Bless America" in Grosvenor Square outside the US Embassy in London today as well...
It's kind of strange. So many people remained so stoic until today. But today so many of us went to church and we displayed our flags and we did candlelight vigils . . . and we cried. And then we saw what the UK and Germany and so many others were doing. It was so incredibly touching.
I guess so - mind you, don't let it go to your heads - it still doesn't mean we LIKE you guys! <G>
Nor we you of course -- we' re merely moved! <G>
hehehe!! How's NY looking now? Haven't seen a TV today
Pretty grim. They found no survivors today. And so many many people now have to start to face the truth that their loved ones are not just missing. It's so sad. And yet, the spirit of this country is like I've never known it in my lifetime. I know that there is a lot of backlash out there. But I haven't seen it. Instead I've seen a unity that is unprecedented since WWII. Everybody is giving and forgiving and beleive it or not being nice!
Being NICE? In New York? Blimey - the things a terrorist can manage when he puts his mind to you - miracles can happen! :-)

On the radio earlier I heard the a London rep from Morgan Stanley saying what they were trying to do to locate all the employees they had in the South Tower WTC... they reckon there were something like a total of a thousand Brits in there. Not many accounted for so far...
I heard that Morgan Stanley fared rather well -- they managed to save a lot of them. It's so unreal that people actually can say that. The pictures are so shattering. Have you seen any of the powerpoint pictures? One set is moving and the other disturbing.
As for the New Yorkers -- we're even amazed! We've turned into creampuffs!! That is to us and our allies. I pity the groups and countries who are responsible though. Unfortunately, we will no doubt be bombing and a lot more. The vast majority of us have no desire to do it, but know we have no choice. It's like perpetuating the horror. And yet, what choice do we have? One person at the vigil tonight said that if we do that, we will keep it going and have them come over here. But they already have.
Yep, I know what you mean. It doesn't seem like it's the answer, but if it isn't, what IS?
I think they're weighing all the options. The wait is so that we don't strike blindly. Nobody wants to see more innocent hurt. But I think they will be. As if the poor people in Afganastan don't have enough suffering. Or even the Iraqis. They are still a possiblilty. But the problem is, we don't have another option. We have to strike with precision, but with vengence and fury. And that's from the peace lovers among us.
As she implies, New Yorkers can be a hard-bitten lot. This has hit them hard. But all the support is noticed, and appreciated. Say what you like about Americans (and I have in the past), they do, at least, remember who their friends are.