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The Guvnor
15th Sep 2001, 14:46
From today's Telegraph...

Europol has doubts on bin Laden
By Ambrose Evans Pritchard in Brussels
(Filed: 15/09/2001)

THE European Union's chief anti-terrorism officer cast doubt yesterday on claims that Osama bin Laden was solely responsible for Tuesday's attacks.

Jurgen Storbeck, the director of Europol, cautioned against jumping to conclusions before the mass of evidence had been properly sifted.

In an interview with The Telegraph, he said: "Bin Laden is not the automatic leader of every terrorist act carried out in the name of Islam.

"It's possible that he was informed about the operation; it's even possible that he influenced it; but he's probably not the man who steered every action or controlled the detailed plan.

"As for the idea that, sitting in Afghanistan, he could have controlled the last phase of the operation is something we should not accept without a lot of doubt."

He added: "If one wants to avoid error, one must ensure that the investigation has a wide scope."

Mr Storbeck, a German lawyer, said that Britain was providing valuable leads on the attacks, but the German police, immigration, and customs services were playing the key role.

This suggests that the German authorities are highly sceptical about bin Laden's role and may have uncovered evidence pointing in a different direction.

He refused to speculate on which groups might be responsible, saying: "There are a lot of people with the same philosophy who may have been to bin Laden's training camps, but are not necessarily under his orders."

He said Europol was giving serious consideration to claims that there was some form of state-sponsorship involved, but said there was no hard evidence to date.

Europol tracks Islamic fundamentalists, drawing on sensitive information provided by all EU states as well as tip-offs from allies such as Japan, Canada and Switzerland.

tony draper
15th Sep 2001, 17:52
Even if he had nothing whatsoever to do with this outrage he deserves to have his skinny arse fried for what he has done to date.
Get him and every other one of his ilk.

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15th Sep 2001, 17:54
I agree Tony

Try telling the chap that penned the following response that Bin Laden is innocent - from the Air Force Academy's (very unofficial) message board. Written by a '96 grad who apparently flies A-10s. It's a long read, but it's a pretty good rant:

"Well now, much like Grinch, I too have my warpaint on...I had to go back to my Xtreme Air Force recruiting campaign from March of this year to add fuel to my fires of anger and a need to, as Limp Bizkit shouts "Break your ****ING FACE TONIGHT!!! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BREAK!!!" Make no mistake about it... this war is gonna be a Hawgdrivers dream... no more of this sending GPS guided bombs from the ionosphere... I want to camp out on the enemy's border... I want to yell across the border in the immortal words of Wyatt Earp (as portrayed by Kurt Russell and not Kevin ****ing Costner) "You tell 'em I'm coming!(sts) AND HELL'S COMING WITH ME!!" I wanna punch Bin Laden in the face and say, You gonna do something? Or just stand there and bleed? And then I wanna laugh maniacally as my 30mm shells decimate his camps. I ain't talking about the Armor Piercing shells this time, although the thought of poisoning their lungs (if, in the unlikely event they survived my attack) with the dirty dust of spent uranium is quite refreshing... that would make the cloud over New York seem like pure Oxygen. I want High Explosive Incidiary rounds... 1150 of the mother ****ers fired 2 or 3 hundred at a time... like 3 hundred grenades exploding all at once... and that's just my jet... the three coming with me brings that total to 16 cans of CBU-87...that's 3,232 individual submunitions for the mother****ers... that's what I want. I want 4 Maverick missiles per jet... that's 16 of those mother****ers...and if we run outta trucks and other small things to hit with those missiles, I wanna find out what a maverick will do when it locks onto a piece of **** terrorist and hits him at just over 1000 feet per second... there might not be enough deceleration to detonate the thing but at that speed... I dont think it would be necessary. And I want 2 pods of rockets hanging from my wings... 7 white phosphorous and 7 HEI... I want the Willie Petes to put a cloud of smoke to climb into the sky to let everyone following to know... that's where the gettin' is good... and the HEI... well, I just want FRAG in the air tearing apart their greasy scumbag bodies the same way they tore into our nation... and then we'll start cleaning up with the almight General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger cannon... what a perfect ****ing name... AVENGER CANNON!!! **** IT, if that's all I had, that's all I'd want... 4 hawgs with 4600 of our little friends... lock and load, hammer down!!!!! But that's just my personal end... here's what else I want...
I want John Madden, Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long to take over CNN, NBC, ABC and every other news network to provide coverage of this war... I want Madden with his electronic chalkboard out there describing what's going on... "You see here across the top of the screen, that ridge line is exactly where the attack is gonna come from... you'll see the Warthawgs come popping over them and unleash a fury that we haven't seen since Lawrence Taylor was on the prowl... Speaking of that, here they come and BAM!!! These guys are great... they remind me of linemen... they don't get much press coverage but when they hit you, man do you know it!!!" I want Hank Williams Jr and Lee Greenwood belting out I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN as the intro to Monday Night AirStrikes... Fight night would have a whole new meaning now... I want to see Sports Center air the HIT OF THE DAY... "Today's strike comes from a flight of two A-10 Warthogs.. you'll see here that some terrorist got the wild idea that he could shoot at these guys... you can see the missile come up and totally miss the two jets... and here you see as they roll in and unleash that awesome gun on he point of origin... nothing left there now! And that's our, PLAY OF THE DAY!!" I want Mills Lane in the field giving play by play descriptions, I want Flight of the Valkaries playing at full bore from every mountainside as we run in at 100 ****ing feet.... I want WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE playing after the first bomb hits and when I'm WINCHESTER ammunition, I wanna land on Bin Laden's personal airstrip, grab him by his twisted, dead neck and poke him in the eyes and say"MOTHER****ER... YOU JUST GOT KNOCKED THE **** OUT!!!!" I want the NFL cheerleaders to send us off to war, and the XFL cheerleaders to welcome us home. And while we're at it? I dont just want to beat the **** outta these scumbags, I want to humiliate them too. I want this war to be financed by Hooters, Penthouse, and Hustler. I want C-130s, C-5s, C-17s, and 141s loaded with crates and crates of the filthiest porn Larry Flint can dole out, and I want to airdrop it all across the ****ing countries we're fighting... including IRAQ. I want every one of those greasy scumbags to see dirtiest porn imaginable... I'm talking 3 and 4 chicks with super double jelly dongs... bondage, all that nasty **** . And I want Baghdad littered with the **** . **** 'em!! I want to see Shwartzkopf come outta retirement to start kicking some ass... I want a cure for Alzheimers right now to get Reagan back in working order and like Dennis Leary says, I want a cure for cancer to thaw out the Duke and see just how pissed off he is right now. I want STUKA terror sirens mounted to the wings of my Hawg... although the unique whine of our engines is about all the terror siren we'll need right now... Alright Zero... slow down... breathe... in... out.... ok... I think the coffee has worn off a bit now and I should get back to work. Mother****ers- you just picked the wrong people to **** with... not such a good day to be a bad guy"

"To the guilty: may God have mercy on you... because we won't!"--John McCain.


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15th Sep 2001, 18:12
Hmmm sounds like he's ready, get another cup of coffee quick.

Got a comment from a family member re 'the man' who apparently was extreme from youth, after being educated in Syria.
His family had to forcibley restrain him from joining the extremist mob who took over the Mosque in Mecca in the 70's, thousands were killed in that little fiasco but it was never fully reported.
Pity he didn't manage to join them because the whole lot, survivors that is, all had their heads removed after they were captured.
He tried before to get the WTC and failed so it would be very logical for him to have another go, a little harder this time.
He's been networking with various groups for a while now. This one has his paw prints all over it.

16th Sep 2001, 06:34
I hope no-one is buying the Talibanīs explanation that he couldnīt possibly have been involved because they had cut off his phone.

If Peter Berger could interview Bin Laden for his book, I think itīs safe to assume his orders and pronouncements can find their way into the outside world.

Whether he was heavily involved in this or not, he has pronounced a Fatwa on the US and thatīs reason enough. If he thinks heīs at war with the US, let him see exactly what that entails.

Toilet Porpoise
16th Sep 2001, 09:28

I think your buddy in that post of yours might be a tad pissed, wouldn't ya say...


Kermit 180
16th Sep 2001, 10:13
Havent heard much in the way of opposition to wiping the prick off the face of the Earth. Release the hounds. :mad:

16th Sep 2001, 11:35
But where would it all end then. We fight them, they fight us, we fight them etc.

I think we should not be too quick to punish a group of people for what only a select few are guilty of.

I pray for peace again

16th Sep 2001, 20:06
Where will it end? When thereīs one side left standing.

These fundamentalist scum do not want to co-exist with the rest of the world, they want to destroy it. As much as they veil their agression behind religious fervour it is based on jealousy and hatred. Real Islam is a set of rules for living, not killing.

Itīs time that we recognised fundamentalist sects as little more than death cults. The Taliban/Bin Laden sect of Islam is no better or more valid than Om Shin Rikkyo or the Branch Davidians.

tony draper
16th Sep 2001, 20:51
Oh yeh, sit back do nothing make peacefull burbling noises they will get the message, next time they might just kill two thousand of us.
America tried that in Viet Nam, we won't mine the waters plied by the ships carrying the AA missiles, we won't bomb the storage area's and they might not fire them at us.
****** them, they sowed the wind let the bastards reap.