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15th Mar 2004, 13:02
The following conman alert was issued late last week by British Airways.

Information is needed to help locate whereabouts of the following person:

David Hart Stewart D.O.B. 27/ 12/1967 - Male white - Passport number 027761720 (A.K.A. David Hirst)

Mr Stewart is a Glaswegian who is currently wanted by the UK Police for a number of credit card, airline ticket and cheque deceptions, which were carried out, in or around UK airports.

Stewart is a con man who recently attached himself to a LGW crew going to BCN and managed to convince both the cabin crew and the reception staff at the crew hotel that he himself was BA Cabin Crew. At the crew hotel he claimed to have lost his wallet and BA ID. He provided a credit card number and the staff number of a serving female long haul Cabin Crew member in an attempt to convince the hotel management that he was genuinely BA staff. He managed to stay at the hotel for 3 days before making off. It was only when the hotel attempted to process the credit card that they realised it was stolen.

Mr Stewart claims to know lots of people within BA Cabin Services and part of his con is to name drop certain members of crew and show photographs to unsuspecting crew to gain their confidence. He regularly praises the performance of crew during flights and requests on board forms which he states he will submit to BA to express his gratitude for the service he has received. What he actually does is record the name and staff number of the crew member and then uses those details later when attempting to dupe other crew.

Mr Stewart is believed to be living in the Glasgow or Edinburgh area and is known to frequent BA crew hotels and the Compass centre. There are many crew who have been befriended by this man and who are probably unaware that he is a con man.

Most recently Stewart met up with a male member of crew in EDI following a trip to Barcelona. Having had a meal with that person, Stewart once again claimed to have lost his wallet.

If you have any information regarding this individual, please contact the BA Asset Protection Group or contact the UK Police directly.