View Full Version : French Air Traffic Control Strikes

15th Mar 2004, 12:37
Anyone know when the 'annual' French air traffic control strike is?


15th Mar 2004, 12:48
Last one, that was due to begin on the 9th of March, was canceled.

ATC Watcher
15th Mar 2004, 13:00
Actually this is not annual anymore but returned to monthly now, with some random activities in between.

A bit of education on French labour disputes :

In France the right of strike is embedded in the constitution and withdrawing labour is a fundamental right of employees to show their discomptemp towards their employer .

On top of this it works extremely well, as , each time the controllers or the Pilots calls a strike the Governement backs off .. So why would you stop ?

15th Mar 2004, 21:55
So if it works so well, then why do they still have to do it every few months?:confused:

15th Mar 2004, 21:58
An Air Traffic Control strike was tried once in the U.S.

It was a learning experience...

16th Mar 2004, 08:11
some security staff and ATC tower i believe,have been striking this week in CDG,certainly on Sunday last,i have been in the last two days and havnt really been delayed