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14th Sep 2001, 08:34
I've been sitting since Tuesday morning trying to understand this bad dream-

I'm angry at a lot of things, maybe some of you PPRuNers can help me out.

First, I send my heart and prayers to those in NY city. Fortunately, as of yet I don't know anyone missing directly. But, I know an acquaintance- a very pleasant, intelligent 24 year old woman, who is missing. My best man (a police officer)worked downtown the first night- as he told me- "it's beyond words". Another good friend was late to work because his kids wouldn't cooperate- now he has no place to work.

When you look at it- security was the weakest link.

Why are the US security checkpoints manned by "professionals" consisting of elderly retired people, new immigrant barely familar with english, and struggling high school dropouts?

Why are the credit cards which people use to pay for everything so easy to get?

Why were box cutters/< 4 inch knives allowed on planes in the first place?

In my millions of miles of business travel I've never felt security was quite adequate, I will (would have), happily paid a $25-$50, you name it, security surcharge to be and feel safe.

Somehow, when the FAA states "we are increasing security measures (now?!) my anger doesn't go away.

Thanks to all the PPruNers who have posted their thoughts and condolences, life and flying will be different now- no matter which side of the cockpit door you work from.

America will get through this- my generation-as generations before- has been handed it's challenge.

Thanks again- and God Bless America and her friends.

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16th Sep 2001, 06:06
For anybody that's read this, she's been accounted for safely.

But so many others have people close to them missing.