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14th Mar 2004, 20:09
The official Reds web site includes this picture:


...in the 1973 season gallery. I am curious as to the identity of the aircraft, and any background on the scheme (e.g. was it flown? Why wasn't it adopted for the team?).

So far asking around has revealed that the scheme was apparently designed by Arthur Gibson and only one aircraft got painted up this way.

Sooo... does anybody know more?

15th Mar 2004, 08:24
Damien - memories fade with time, but I think it was produced a bit later, but I'll try and do some research for you.

15th Mar 2004, 14:02
cosford have a gnat in red arrows colours but i dont know which scheme it is. perhaps a look on their site may give some info

16th Mar 2004, 06:11
Could it be something to do with promoting the old British Aircraft Corporation? The logo looks fairly similar to theirs of that era...

16th Mar 2004, 07:06
That's my feeling too, FJ, but I cannot for the life of me remember when that was in use. I've emailed the team to ask them to check. Anyone place the year of the logo?

16th Mar 2004, 14:14
The paint scheme was applied to one airframe only as a "test"; the universal opinion across the Team was that it was too garish and, therefore, was never adopted.

The picture will be on display during the RAFAT reunion at Scampton on 22 May. Perhaps some of the 73 team will be able to shed more light on the background to the idea.

If I get any more info, I will post it here.

16th Mar 2004, 20:38
scribley - many thanks - if you do hear any more would be delighted to know about it.

Thanks also to the other responders - I just can't resist a mystery :ok:

19th Mar 2004, 16:45
Damien - haven't forgotten you! Waiting for email reply from team.

19th Mar 2004, 19:43
Damien has updated the excellent Thunder and Lighnings website with a section on the Gnat here (http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/gnat/)

It includes a profile of the one off Red Arrows scheme above.